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Current Issue of The Guardian

April 22, 2015 - click here for index of articles.

Dismantling the Federation

The meeting of Commonwealth of Australian Governments (COAG) last week was characterised by the all too familiar battles over the allocation of money – in this instance the carve up of the GST takings between the states and territories. The situation was made even more difficult by the Abbott government’s decision to cut funding to hospitals and education by $80 billion over the coming four-year budgetary cycle. It is also cutting funding to national partnership agreements (specific purpose payments).  more ...

Editorial – On war and peace

“The best war is the one that never has to be fought” – Sun Tzu, Chinese general.

As the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli approaches the glorification by the government of past conflicts and the preparations for the next continues unabated. Interestingly, certain important aspects of what is promoted as the making of Australia as a nation, remain unarticulated.  more ...

Austerity measures in Australia, Greece

Many countries, including Greece, Cyprus and Australia face serious economic problems. Production of commodities and services is at a low level. Less is being produced than in previous years. Greece has experienced less and less production each year for more than five years. If a country fails to produce or fails to sell what it produces, economic crisis sets in.  more ...

Iraq deployment – latest commitment to endless war

Three hundred Australian troops are now stationed in Iraq. They have joined forces from New Zealand, Canada and, of course, the US. The governments of the countries involved don’t like referring to the soldiers as “boots on the ground” and prefer to stress their present training role instead. It sounds familiar. Every modern commitment to long, drawn out and incredibly destructive conflict on the part of imperialist powers has begun with such manipulation of language and soothing of public opinion. Prime Minister Abbott had some additional, suitable cover for the announcement, which came in the lead up to the ultra-hyped ANZAC commemorations.  more ...

Lessons from Reclaim Australia protests

The first lesson provided by the demonstrations organised by anti-Muslim group Reclaim Australia last week is that we should not underestimate the threat posed by organisations committed to racism and extreme bigotry.  more ...

50 truths: Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution

President Hugo Chávez, who died on March 5, 2013 of cancer at age 58, marked forever the history of Venezuela and Latin America.  more ...

Just like Mariam

A stunning speech from Lydia Shelly, delivered to the NSW Greens International Women’s Day Breakfast in Sydney.  more ...

Culture & Life – “No to War!” and “Hands Off Russia!”

The centenary of the futile but costly ANZAC landing is almost upon us, and the propaganda mills of capitalism are working at full bore. “War, glorious war”, they shout, oblivious to the death, destruction and misery that accompanies it.  more ...

Pete's Corner

Over 10 years worth of sharp humour from The Guardian's very own cartoonist Pete Andrew can be accessed from the main menu – or just click here.


Half A Century of Pain

A selection of images from the book Half a Century of Pain – 50 Years of Agent Orange Disaster in Vietnam – 1961-2011, published by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  more ...

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