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Current Issue of The Guardian

March 29, 2017 - click here for index of articles.

Making for bigots

The government is attempting to rush through Parliament with amendments to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 that would legalise race hate speech. It is doing so in the name of promoting “free speech” while curbing the rights of organisations and people to speak out.  more ...


Editorial – Freedom from speech

The proposed amendments to Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act are part of a wider picture of an attack on democratic rights. They have little to do with genuine freedom of speech, which carries with it responsibilities. Genuine freedom of speech, however, is being curbed in a gradual and insidious process.  more ...

CFMEU and WA Unions rally

On Tuesday March 21, as part of CFMEU national rallies organised against the attack on workers, the CFMEU WA rallied in Perth with the support of all unions in the state. Close to 3,000 people attended the rally, defying these attacks from government and the rain. The 11am rally started at Solidarity Park, behind WA Parliament in West Perth.  more ...

UN expert concerns over Australian violence

Women locked up for unpaid fines and red tape stopping others from escaping domestic violence were among issues that left a United Nations expert unimpressed during an inaugural visit to Australia.  more ...

Politics in the Pub, Perth: IWD

The Perth branch of CPA organised a public event on International Working Women’s Day on March 8. Four women members of the branch made brief presentations, which were followed by a lively discussion between the audience and presenters. As one attendee remarked afterwards: “It was so good to be able to engage in feminist debate with an audience that included men with progressive ideas”.  more ...

Millers Point: magnificent record of struggle

Sunday March 19, 2017 has been marked by a march around Millers Point commemorating the dreadful moment in Sydney’s recent history “of all take and no give”. Three years ago the NSW Liberal Minister for Family and Community Affairs Pru Goward stood on a platform overlooking the community and announced that all social housing residents in the Millers Point, Dawes Point, and the Rocks in Sydney were to be evicted and their homes would be sold off to private owners. In a cruel twist Pru Goward has recently been reappointed Social Housing Minister by the new premier.  more ...

Dehumanising Human Services – “Fix the system”

Earlier this month the Community and Public Sector Union’s national secretary Nadine Flood and deputy president Lisa Newman addressed the Senate Inquiry into the Centrelink robo-debt debacle. Their analysis of developments in the Department of Human Services gives insight into the profound human effects of the government’s cuts.  more ...

The forces of evil are gathering

We are living in momentous times. Global capitalism is in its deepest crisis and has no way of resolving it except by war, which it uses to feed the global machine. The unabated, excessive greed of monopoly capital and its very existence is predicated on a ceaseless search for increased profits at any cost. There is no room in that search for concerns about people’s needs, for sharing the wealth, for building a better world – only for personal power, greed and an insatiable need for more of both.  more ...

Taking Issue – Making America great for the top 1%

Donald Trump rode to the White House on wave of discontent and fear, as Americans watched their economy and their institutions decline, and their jobs disappear along with their faith in the future and in the “American dream”. Perhaps most disconcerting of all was the collapse of the carefully fostered belief that the rest of the world envied Americans their prosperity and their “freedom”. Rather than envy, the prevailing sentiment in other countries was revealed to be a combination of fear and hatred, fuelled by constant deadly US attacks on poor countries.  more ...

Quote of the Week

I address, above all, the modest woman of our land, the campesina who believed in us, the worker who laboured more, the mother who knew our concern for children. I address professionals of Chile, patriotic professionals, those who days ago continued working against the sedition sponsored by professional associations, class-based associations that also defended the advantages which a capitalist society grants to a few.

I address the youth, those who sang and gave us their joy and their spirit of struggle. I address the man of Chile, the worker, the farmer, the intellectual, those who will be persecuted, because in our country fascism has been already present for many hours – in terrorist attacks, blowing up the bridges, cutting the railroad tracks, destroying the oil and gas pipelines, in the face of the silence of those who had the obligation to protect them. They were committed. History will judge them.

Surely Radio Magallanes will be silenced, and the calm metal instrument of my voice will no longer reach you. It does not matter. You will continue hearing it. I will always be next to you. At least my memory will be that of a man of dignity who was loyal to [inaudible] the workers.

President Salvador Allende 1973 (last message to Chile before coup)

This web page was last updated: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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