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Hands off penalty rates! – Workers’ Rights Campaign

PM Tony Abbott and his union-bashing team have promised their employer mates a life without unions in deregulated workplaces where they can drive down wages and conditions to levels found in low income countries. Towards these ends Treasurer Joe Hockey has commissioned a review of the Fair Work Act by the Productivity Commission, a body notorious for its pro-corporate, neo-liberal policies. The following are some of the measures the Commission is considering:  more ...

Current Issue of The Guardian

May 20, 2015 - click here for index of articles.

US war from Australian soil

A US defence department official has made clear that US plans to build up its military presence in the north of Australia, including surveillance bombers and an increasing numbers of Marines and other personnel, is to target China.  more ...

Budget 2015-16 – Election/Recession Budget

If the 2014-15 budget was a wolf in wolf’s clothing then the 2015-16 budget could be described as the same wolf in sheep’s clothing. Gone are references to a “budget crisis” and the former Labor government’s “tsunami of government spending” which needed “repairing”. Instead, Treasurer Joe Hockey attempts to create an air of optimism, that “Australia is getting better” and that the budget is about “fairness”.  more ...

Editorial – Waterboarding minors?

It is no coincidence that the ramping up of fear over terrorism is happening at the same time that the US military is building up its forces in the north of the country in preparations for war against China. A climate of fear at home is essential in plans to take the country into conflict.  more ...

Citizenship for sale

Earlier this year, in one of its most disturbing initiatives the Abbott government commissioned a Productivity Commission report into the feasibility of selling citizenship rights to prospective immigrants. An issues paper which discusses various options for implementing the scheme has just been released, and the final report, entitled Migrant Intake Into Australia will be issued in March 2016.  more ...

Budget 2015-16 – Assault on Australia’s battlers

There was plenty in Treasurer Hockey’s second federal budget for those who least require assistance. Expenditure for US-led military adventures is locked in. Incentives to build a dystopian trade zone across the north of the country are in there. Superannuation tax breaks for the truly wealthy have been left alone. So have the Private Health Insurance Rebate, the Diesel Fuel Rebate and all manner of mega-expensive taxpayer gifts to local and global corporations.  more ...

Remembering Al Nakba

On May 15, 1948, 750,000 Palestinians (over half the population) were expelled from their homeland. Hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated and destroyed in an event remembered by Palestinians as Al Nakba or “catastrophe”.  more ...

Budget 2015-16 – Shelters axed as murder rate soars

Sydney mother Linda Locke was the 34th woman murdered during a domestic violence incident in Australia this year. A woman is hospitalised every three hours because of these attacks, and in NSW nearly half the state’s murders are related to domestic violence.  more ...

Public funding of private schools

How many of you have travelled overseas by plane? If like me you travel economy – I am sure that you have envied those up front as you enter the plane in Business Class at a steal of $6,000. And what about those in First Class who have a chauffeured car pick them up from home, personalised immigration and lounge services, whole room and a personal menu sommelier and butler, all for only $10,000!  more ...

Culture & Life – Candidates and capitalism

“Can somebody who is not a billionaire [and] who stands for working families actually win an election in which billionaires are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the election?” That’s the question posed by US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont who is seeking to become the Democratic nominee for President.  more ...

Pete's Corner

Over 10 years worth of sharp humour from The Guardian's very own cartoonist Pete Andrew can be accessed from the main menu – or just click here.


Half A Century of Pain

A selection of images from the book Half a Century of Pain – 50 Years of Agent Orange Disaster in Vietnam – 1961-2011, published by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  more ...

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