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Current Issue of The Guardian

December 10, 2014 - click here for index of articles.

Season’s greetings to Guardian readers

This is the last Guardian issue for 2014. The first issue for 2015 will be January 21.

On behalf of the Communist Party of Australia, we would like to pass on to all our readers best wishes for the holiday season and a happy new year in 2015.  more ...

A govt of lies and secrecy

On the last day of hearings for 2014, the Senate handed the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison unprecedented arbitrary powers to play god with the lives of desperate people seeking asylum and a new life in Australia. Instead of opening our arms and welcoming them into our community, the Minister will have extraordinary powers to decide their fate, including return them to their homeland even if it means certain death, torture or imprisonment.  more ...

Editorial – Fight for your ABC in 2015

The ABC provides a wider range of services and operates across a broader geographic base than any commercial broadcaster in Australia, with regional coverage and local stations across the country. It plays a critical role during times of emergency, such as bushfires. The free-to-air ABC and SBS have suffered years of funding cuts but nothing like the sledgehammer they are being hit with by the Abbott government.  more ...

Victorian election – More nails in Abbott govt’ coffin

The defeat of Victoria’s Napthine Coalition government would have sent chills down the spines of Tony Abbott’s axe-wielding federal parliamentary team. Nobody denies the ousting of Napthine and Co after a single term in office was largely a backlash against federal policies that have devastated whole communities. The message is clear that Australian voters will no longer re-elect governments that support open and egregious attacks on the interests of workers and other less privileged people. Traditional loyalties to the old parties of capitalist management have lost more of their grip on the voting habits of Australians as the economy continues to stumble and public services fall further into disrepair.  more ...

Reflections on the 16th IMCWP held in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The 16th International Meeting of Communist & Workers Parties met in Guayaquil, Ecuador on November 12-15, 2014. More than 85 delegates from 53 countries took to the podium with contributions that highlighted the situation in each country and the world.  more ...

Beating the big business tax minimisation schemes

Swedish “flatpack” furniture manufacturer IKEA has suffered a number of blistering mass media attacks for business practices that reduce their Australian tax liabilities to a tiny fraction of the company’s profits here.  more ...

Culture & Life – A concept that continues to live

Looking through Gleebooks Summer Reading Guide, distributed with The Sydney Morning Herald, I noticed that the new Summer releases from Penguin Pocket Classics include The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. (It’s priced at $16.99 from Gleebooks in a handsome hard-backed edition designed by graphic designer Coralie Bickford-Smith and is being touted as a “great Christmas gift”, but if you just want the Manifesto without the fancy wrappings, the CPA will sell that to you for $5 plus postage.) In the Summer Reading Guide it’s lumped in with other “classics” by such Woody Allen favourites as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, and Freud (not to mention Marcus Aurelius and Machiavelli), but the significant point is that only Marx and Engel’s work has been subjected to a deliberate effort to erase its content from human consciousness.  more ...

Summer reading and gift ideas – The editor’s selection

Looking for some gift ideas or just thinking about catching up with some reading when the Guardian takes a break? Then why not shop where your money counts, rather than line the coffers of the multi­nationals! The Communist Party of Australia has a range of T-shirts, DVDs and books, including Marxist-Leninist classics, working class struggles, women’s issues and cultural works.  more ...

Pete's Corner

Over 10 years worth of sharp humour from The Guardian's very own cartoonist Pete Andrew can be accessed from the main menu – or just click here.

Discover The Five

This is the story of the Cuban Five, five men in US prisons. The five who? Cuba? Let’s start at the beginning. You know Cuba is an island off the coast of Florida. The people there made a revolution in 1959 and the US government broke diplomatic relations. Not much has changed, the conflict continues.

16 years is too long – Free the Cuban Five

Published on Sep 16, 2014: Australia-Cuba Friendship Society members express solidarity with the campaign to free the Cuban Five on the 16th anniversary of their incarceration.

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