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Issue #1428      16 September 2009

CPA Statement

Call for justice for the Cuban Five

The Communist Party of Australia demands in the strongest possible way that US President Barack Obama rectifies the injustice committed against the five Cuban men currently held unjustly in US prisons since 1998.

Their only crime has been to express their love for their homeland by risking their lives to monitor the activities of anti-Cuban terrorists operating freely from US soil.

We add our voices to the millions of others around the world whose call for justice must be heard by President Obama. 

Despite never committing any crime nor endangering or threatening to endanger any US citizen or property the Cuban Five were subjected to a trial in the hostile environment of Miami where it is impossible to guarantee an impartial jury. This hostile environment was further inflamed by a biased media on the payroll of the US government who kept up a negative propaganda campaign throughout the course of the 17 months of the prosecution trial.

Since the unjust ruling against the Five an ongoing media blackout has ensured the injustice would not come to the attention of the US public.

The interference by the US government in the decision made in June by the US Supreme Court not to review the case of the Cuban Five reinforces that it is a highly politically motivated case which cannot be resolved by the legal system. However the new administration, if it has the political will, can rectify this great injustice.

President Obama has expressed in his discourse a wish to change the image of the empire. But so far his attempts in relation to Cuba have been cosmetic. A real change in his policy towards Cuba must start with the freedom of the Cuban Five, the lifting of the blockade and the return of Guantánamo bay to the legitimate owners, the people of Cuba.

The Communist Party of Australia expresses its solidarity with the Cuban Five, their families, the wives of Gerardo and Rene unable to exercise visiting rights due to the denial of US visas, and the Cuban people who struggle for their return. The CPA is confident that the Cuban Five will return to their homeland.

The Communist Party welcomes the newly appointed US Ambassador to Australia Mr Jeff Bleich and request he convey to President Obama the strong demand of the Australian people for the freedom of the Cuban Five.

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