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Issue #1542      4 April 2012

Support the Party’s May Day guessing competition

The CPA May Day guessing competition ticket books are being distributed this week. The proceeds will go to the Party’s trade union work.

“We expect that our members, supporters and union members get behind this fund raising effort as the importance of the union movement becomes even more evident as it faces escalating employers’ attacks,” said Vinnie Molina, Party President and convenor of the Party’s Trade Union Committee.

In Greece and now in Spain it is the workers and their trade unions who are under attack to repay debts that don’t belong to them.

The ruling class in those countries and here in Australia are dodging their responsibilities and are making workers pay for the failures of capitalism and their financial excesses.

To be effective we need to educate our Party cadres and interested trade union activists with an understanding of political economy and equip them with the skills to carry out what will be an essential fight for the future. The gains workers have achieved over 150 years of struggle are being eroded at a rapid rate and it won’t ever again be restored under capitalism.

On March 18 the Central Committee held a special session on industrial relations attended by Party members and other trade union activists. It was decided that an open trade union school will be held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in Sydney.

Key issues that emerged from the IR session were that a priority for the trade union movement should be the right to strike and the fight for full and secure employment and against casualisation and full right of entry for union organisers.

The Guessing Competition 2012 has magnificent prizes which will mean that sellers will have no problem selling tickets to all our supporters. The first prize is a digital camera valued around $400. The second prize is a framed lino-cut print of New Zealand workers shaking hands and showing solidarity in combined struggle. The two hands shaking belong to a white worker and a Maori worker. The combination of these workers together in the struggle is a powerful image which will decorate any wall in any home in Australia. This print framed and printed on special paper is valued also in excess of $300.

The Party President urges all to get behind this guessing competition to help make our trade union school a huge success.

Guessing competition books are available at
74 Buckingham Street, Surry Hills.
Phone 02 9699 8844  

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