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Issue #1549      30 May 2012

Solidarity call from Cuban unions

Upon the triumph of the Revolution over the tyranny that had been brought to power and maintained by the United States and claimed more than 20,000 Cuban lives, the American administration began taking aggressive actions against our country.

As early as March 10, 1959 the so-called Secret Agenda of the US Security Council included as one of its main items “bringing to power another government in Cuba” (at that time, nothing had been nationalised and the socialist nature of the Revolution had not been declared yet).

In line with the measures of economic war that had been developed, on March 17, 1960 President Dwight D Eisenhower approved the so-called “Program of Covert Action against Castro Regime”, which consisted of four parts:

  • The creation of a responsible and united Cuban opposition to Castro regime in Cuba and abroad.
  • The development of mass media for the Cuban people, as part of a strong propaganda offensive.
  • The creation and development in Cuba of a secret intelligence and action organisation, which would be sensitive to orders and instructions of the opposition in exile.
  • The development of a paramilitary force outside Cuba for future guerrilla actions.

In the 1990s, the government of George Bush Senior continued the same policy against Cuba, orchestrating new campaigns and accusing Cuba of committing terrorist acts, engaging in drug trafficking and human rights violations. This was followed later by his son George W Bush.

All this was in accordance with the US National Security Council Directive 17, which stated: “To create public pressure against Cuba in order to prevent public opinion, especially in the United States and Europe, from limiting the policy of confrontation towards the Cuban government.”

Throughout these 50 years, US administrations have supported the organisational efforts, guidance, funding and propaganda of certain individuals, who are eager for easy funding and other political or profitable purposes, including the access to international media. Said administrations have granted false union recognition to these individuals, which are neither recognised nor even known by workers in any workplace. To achieve this, the current administration has spent US$20 million this year alone.

All this was carried out in a continued hostile atmosphere that included the adoption, in different moments, of measures aimed at intensifying the criminal blockade, which is condemned by the Cuban people and has been condemned by the overwhelming majority of the international community on 19 occasions. The blockade deprives Cubans of means to attain development, and even worse; it prevents them from the possibility to obtain food, medicines and medical equipment, which are essential to saving lives.

In this regard, during the last two years, punitive measures have been further intensified against banks, companies and institutions from third countries having some economic relation with Cuba. These elements have been supported even by sending letters to entrepreneurs and governments, threatening them with retaliation and demanding them to sever ties with Cuba, thus ignoring the needs and dangers to which they expose their own people.

These individuals also disseminate false information and unleash campaigns through the international media, for which they feed on millions of dollars approved by the US government through the publicly known Bush Plan against Cuba. Said individuals engage in propaganda work and activism in favor of the blockade and the aggressive plans of the Administration. We must recall also that this macabre plan, which has not been officially eliminated by the current administration, includes the use of international forums such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO), to discredit Cuba and make it appear as a country ignoring the law and violating all rights, thus justifying the US policy against our country.

The latest evidence of their true political mercenary intentions were their provocations they tried to stage for foiling the visit by the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI to Cuba last April, for which they received means, guidance and funding from organisations linked to the US government in Miami.

Recently, these individuals sent, under the aegis and guidance of the United States, accusations against Cuba to the ILO containing countless diatribes and forgeries in order to obtain the recognition that they are unable to obtain internally. They go to Cuba-friendly organisations, affiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation, in order to create confusion and claim their support for a possible membership in the ITUC.

Likewise, and as part of said campaign, they have requested the ILO to include Cuba on the final list of countries that should give an account of union rights violations to the ILO’s Committee on the Application of Standards and Conventions, thus trying to get an international sounding board to achieve their political purposes. Echoing this destructive campaign, Cuba has already been included on the preliminary list for the 101st International Labour Conference.

Should this malicious request come to fruition, the ITUC would be led to violate the ILO Convention 98, which in its Article 2 states: “shall be deemed to constitute acts of interference, within the meaning of this Article, in particular, acts which are designed to promote the establishment of workers’ organisations under the domination of employers’ organisations, or to support workers’ organisations by financial or other means with the object of placing such organisations under the control of employers or employers’ organisations.”

In the particular case of these “independent unionists”, we should never forget that the employer, organiser, financier and entity providing guidance and orientation is no other than the government of the world’s greatest superpower: the United States. We should not overlook either the purely political and conspiratorial purpose of these pseudo organisations, which is the exact reason why most of these individuals are granted special passes to have free access to the United States Interests Section in Havana and use computer equipment from some diplomatic offices in Cuba; the governments of which adopt unfriendly stances against our country.

Only a few days ago, in the context of May 1 celebrations, millions of Cuban workers walked the streets and demonstrated in clear support of the Revolution and its achievements, an occasion on which we were joined by more than 1,900 unionist friends and social fighters from 117 countries, who had the chance to experience once again the reality of our country and to see for themselves the malicious and deceitful nature of these campaigns.

This is why we, being aware of the opportunistic and cynical efforts made by these individuals to sow confusion among friends of the Confederation of Cuban Workers and Cuba and to consequently use the ITUC and even ILO through the ITUC as a political platform against Cuba, write to you to provide you with details of the real nature and purposes of these so-called “organisations” so you may take, with due knowledge and information, your decision with regard to this matter.

With a fraternal embrace,

Confederation of Cuban Workers  


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