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Issue #1573      14 November 2012

Press releases

The CPA Central Committee at its meeting on November 10-11 issued the following press releases.

US bullying Australia to waste more money on military

“We condemn the US for bullying Australia about cuts to the military budget,” Dr Hannah Middleton, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia, said in Sydney today.

The imminent arrival of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta for the annual AUSMIN talks in Perth has been preceded by claims the US is unhappy with Australian government cuts to the military budget and that Australia is “freeloading” on the American taxpayer.

“Australia is already spending over $70 million every single day on the military but the federal government says it can’t find money to properly fund dental, mental health, disability and services for the people.

“And these millions of dollars are being spent on equipment needed to support US military adventures in Asia and the Indo-Pacific, not for the defence of Australia.

“When bushfires and cyclones struck last year, the Australian Defence Force had neither water bombing planes nor seaworthy transport ships to rescue the victims.

“The ADF should serve the Australian people, not be prostituted to the overbearing ambitions of the US and its armaments corporations.

“Australia’s Defence Minister Stephen Smith boasts that on a per capita basis Australia is the second highest spender on the military in the world,” Dr Middleton continued.

“Yet even this has not satisfied the US which insists our country impoverish itself to back up US foreign policy objectives and the US military-industrial complex.

“The Afghan War continues to cost Australian lives and around $1.3 billion per year.

“Australia also recently increased its contingent in Afghanistan and still the US wants more!

“The US military-industrial complex is not an ally but an enemy of the Australian people,” Dr Middleton concluded.  

AUSMIN a disaster for Australia

“AUSMIN will be an economic and strategic disaster for Australia,” Vinnie Molina, President of the Communist Party of Australia, said. Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Foreign Minister Bob Carr will be meeting their US counterparts at the annual AUSMIN talks to be held in Perth this week.

“These Ministers are betraying the over 70 percent of the Australian people who want our troops out of Afghanistan,” Mr Molina said.

“They are betraying Australians desperate for dental, mental health and disability services.

“They are betraying every Australian who wants independence, peace and security at home and in our region.

“It’s time we had a government that acts in the interests of our people rather than bowing to the dictates of Washington,” Mr Molina continued.

“The US pivot to our region with US marines stationed in Darwin, US drones to fly from the Cocos Islands, more US ship and plane visits, and an increased number of joint military exercises are all turning Australia into a giant US military base.

“They are also threatening Australia’s security and our economic development as the US pulls us into its dangerous plans to contain China.

“We need to be part of Asia, not the deputy sheriff to an increasingly aggressive United States administration intent on protecting its own commercial interests rather than the interests of the people of this region and the world.

“We condemn the Gillard government for betraying the Australian people.

“We call for an immediate ten per cent cut in the massive $32 billion military budget to pay for social needs and to help fund an independent and peaceful foreign policy,” Mr Molina concluded.  

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