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Issue #1620      November 27, 2013

Conference for the Cuban 5

For the ninth consecutive year the Conference for the freedom of the Cuban 5 was held in Holguien Cuba, on November 13-16. Over 270 delegates from 52 countries attended the conference, with myself and Richard Titelius from Australia.

In the Conference.

The struggle is centred on the fact that for 15 years The 5 have been unjustly imprisoned while self-confessed terrorists like Possada Carriles walk the streets of Miami with impunity.

This year was unique as for the first time one of The 5 took part.

Rene Gonzalez, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, who has won his freedom and returned to his family in Cuba, was very warmly welcomed by all who were there and given standing ovations during his contribution to the conference.

A number of both Cuban and foreign public figures took part. The keynote speaker at a large rally was former US Assistant Attorney General and former Senator Ramsey Clarke.

He opposed both the Vietnam War and apartheid in South Africa.

A number of activities for delegates and the locals took place around the conference including a cycle race marathon. There were tents For Peace outside the Conference venue which had book stalls and stalls with hot food and ice cream. Song and dance performances by children took place also.

Delegates visited local neighbourhood meetings of Committees for the Defence of the Revolution where we were entertained and mixed with the local people.

There were meetings at a number of universities where aspects of Cuban life were explained to us.

The final declaration was carried unanimously, with the main focus on taking the struggle into the USA through the Committee for the 5, trade unions and other progressive organisations, to break through the wall of silence surrounding the case and organise public opinion to pressure Obama to release The 5.

Rene Gonzales.
Richard Titelius and Keith Headland.

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