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Issue #1631      March 19, 2014

Culture & Life

Dear Mary and Joe Catholic

Allow me to tell you my story: *

My name is John Wojnowski and I was a catholic – not only just any Catholic, but a Polish Catholic. It is common knowledge that Polish Catholics, in their holy Catholic naïveté, are possibly more fiercely Catholic than even the very Catholic Irish were only a few years ago.

I went to Catholic schools and for one year even attended the same elite Jesuit Institute where “His Excellency” Archbishop Vigano, the current Vatican Ambassador to US, went to school. My father was a librarian at the Catholic University.

My very devout younger brother proudly walked into a Catholic Seminary to become a priest, at the age of 11. I remember reading one of his letters where he begged our pious Polish Catholic mother to please write to him in Italian, because the Rector could not read Polish.

Being a smart kid, it took him only one year to realise that there was something profoundly wrong in the system.

Sex is one uniquely powerful drive. One may fool humanity for a while, but history, particularly recent history, is proof that the Catholic Church cannot fool Mother Nature. Can anyone imagine a greater contradiction to Mother Nature than the celibacy requested of Catholic clergy? Yet to this day, the official position of the Catholic hierarchy is that “priestly celibacy is a most precious gift to the Church.”

There are no girls in a Catholic seminary. Enter Mother Nature (in reality She was always there.) The pattern is a sadly familiar one. A young seminarian, perhaps with gentle or feminine features becomes the Rector’s or some other priest’s “special assistant” … In the seminary, my brother witnessed, among other things, one of his classmates going into the bed of another boy. That was in 1956, well before the 1960s “sexual revolution” blamed by the Catholic hierarchy for the sexual abuse epidemic.

“Priestly celibacy is the most precious gift to the Church!” is the official claim of the Catholic hierarchy. Such a position helps ensnare ambitious careerists, the naive, the deluded, and the cowardly to the clergy, creating a web of hypocrisy to perpetuate a lie masquerading as a benevolent “Holy Church” (and supreme moral authority of the Universe) whose purported mission is to “save souls.”

You might suspect that I am biased. You would be correct.

I was molested by a Catholic priest at the age of 15. This was a trauma so horrible that the memory of the event was repressed for 39 years but the tragic consequences plagued me since. The wreckage of my life is the evidence. In 1997, the news of a priestly sexual abuse scandal in Texas where a boy committed suicide was the spark that started the return of my memory.

When Humanity’s progress and the evolution of culture made it possible for some courageous American sexual abuse survivors to go public with their personal histories, the degeneration and mendacity of the Catholic hierarchy was exposed. The Vatican began with: “It is only an American problem!”; and this bald-faced lie has been part of an unending litany of lies and excuses as similar scandals emerged and received attention in other parts of the world.

Finally Cardinal Razinger responded to the steady revelation of sexual misdeeds with this defensive obfuscation: “There is a desire to discredit the church!” and “I am personally convinced that this is a planned campaign. It is intentional and manipulated.” Isn’t this exactly what those doing evil always claim when confronted? But, more importantly, the overall response of the Catholic hierarchy to the survivors of sexual abuse, the response of supposedly good people but actually veritable moral imbeciles, has been deeply, entirely un-Christian: cowardly, paranoid, shameless, vindictive, and ultimately inhumane.

And it cannot be allowed to continue – not by any faithful Catholic!

It is fairly obvious to many observers of the priesthood and the Catholic Church that centuries of so-called “celibacy” have produced, within the Catholic priesthood, a self-selected group of sexual predators who hide behind the cloak of religion. The shameless and self-important “Excellencies” and “Eminences” who comprise the Church leadership are unwilling to understand and take responsibility for the incalculable damage and suffering that their leadership, their policies, and their wanton and aggressive ignorance have inflicted on humanity in all four corners of the earth.

Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Alito and other allegedly educated, prominent and proud Catholics may not fully appreciate the imagery of the “Holy See” as a den of willfully blind and parasitic bureaucrats – 731 monsignors, bishops, archbishops and cardinals who have trapped themselves in a golden cage of falsehoods.

And so, Dear Mary and Joe Catholic, ask yourself this – how can silence on this issue be viewed as anything other than cowardice? By remaining on the “sidelines,” are you not an accomplice to these sanctimonious fraudsters? I have long ceased to fear being sued for defamation or slander by accurately defining the Catholic Hierarchy as an aberrant parasitic species, an ignorant, cowardly, and pathogenic “Mafia of Frauds.”

Yours sincerely in truth and justice,

John Wojnowski

* Survivor of 15 years of insults during non-stop daily protests in front of the US Vatican Embassy, 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC.

(Now I am 70, I travel by bus and Metro, and at the best of times it takes me one hour to get from home to the Embassy where I display my banner from about 4:20pm to dark)

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