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Issue #1635      April 16, 2014

Books by Tom Pearson

Six works of poetry by the editor of the Guardian, with illustrations by the author. Tom has also had successful exhibitions with other artists at the Studio W gallery in Woolloomooloo.

Books available from Shop@CPA:


At twenty five degrees
to the evening star
all possibilities were believable.

Summer was beautiful
that year, burnishing gold
in every corner.

The ocean was on fire,
limpid as a lake
of pink flamingos folding
and unfolding their wings.

On the shores of famine
and plenty the blazing
flowers of poisoned
hearts each blossomed
with a tear of blood.

Earth-rich worms
insinuated themselves
into thick arteries
of eternal sleep.

Dolphins rose and fell
in threaded undulations
of sleek and shining
harmony beside our boat.

When the wind dropped
we drifted aimlessly,
our aching vessel
crying for a sail
pregnant with air.

The pale clouds hung
heavy round our necks.
In our delirium voices
came to us, irresistible,
calling, beckoning.

We turned toward the sea-foamed
rocks, the wind piping
a beauteous song that
flowed, thrilling and radiant,
through us like lightening.

In the ocean a mass of land
appeared. There, in sodden
ditches, we found people
studying the edict “undoubtedly
it is the landlord’s right
to do as he pleases”.

Evicted and stripped
bare as bone they piled
sods around the claw
roots of trees for shelter.

“Oh pity us. Oh what must
we do and what will
become of us. Pity us
here, scarce half alive.”

We discovered the new world
coming out of the old
and, in a festering servile war,
a rebellion of slaves …

From Dreams Of A Bigger Bed

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