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Issue #1638      May 14, 2014

We must fight for our future!

Statement, Young Communist League, May Day 2014

The labour movement has a proud history. It has made many substantial gains for the working class. Through the strength of its organisation and unity of purpose it has won better wages and work conditions, gained shorter work hours and paid holidays and a whole range of social and welfare services.

The labour movement has fought to overcome exploitation, stop war and protect the environment. It has fought for free, universal education, a comprehensive public health system and public housing. It has supported human rights and respect for the Indigenous and oppressed peoples of the planet.

To win, labour has always needed to harness its collective power against the opposition of the ruling class of capitalist exploiters.

But now, all around the world, capitalism is in the perfect storm of crisis: any gains labour made over the last century are under threat as the capitalist class tries to claw them back, trying to get out of its self-made crisis at the expense of the vast majority of humanity.

Its crisis is so deep – no capitalist government can do other than drive workers into poverty at home and into wars abroad.

Capitalism teeters on the edge of economic collapse. It is in a state of permanent war and turning society into a global police state. The capitalist system is unable or unwilling to address the environmental catastrophe into which it is dragging humanity. It certainly has no prospect of offering any concessions to labour. There is no longer any scope to reform capitalism.

The capitalist system has no future. It can no longer offer this generation or the ones to come a future. To end the crisis into which capitalism drives us we must end capitalism.

This means young workers must start to deepen our understanding of how capitalist society works and develop our organisation so we can draw on our collective strength to overthrow the tyranny of capital and take the power into our own hands.

This is the socialist solution, where workers, united as a class, take power and transfer society’s means of production from the private to the public sphere and start to operate it for people’s needs not billionaire’s profits. Planning and cooperation, not exploitation and crisis will become the way we run our economy.

With this purpose in mind it is vital we defend what we have and oppose the measures the ruling class in its crisis now tries to impose on us – wage cuts, job cuts and destruction of social wages (pensions, unemployment benefits), selling off of public assets and privatisation of health and education services; promotion of racism, discrimination and warmongering, criminalisation and imposition of increasingly harsh laws on workers and the poor, and wholesale shifting of wealth into the pockets of the wealthiest.

These attacks are aimed right at our very ability to lead a decent existence so we must fight them, but taking up such struggles will also build our experience and organisational skills. It will teach us the political skills and alliances we need to successfully fight the bigger battle in front of us – the struggle to overthrow the global class of exploiters and free ourselves from the capitalist system altogether.

Young communists have come to understand that if we are to live in an enlightened, civilised society in future we will have to fight to create that future. We commit ourselves to that struggle. We call on others to join us in this common venture to create a better world!

The Young Communist League fights for a decent future for the present and coming generations.

It aims to establish a Communist presence for the many frustrated and confused young who feel the present system does not offer them a meaningful future, nor the ability or chance to change the system, through:

Education: Explaining socialist theory in context of modern Australia and the world situation.

Organisation: Creating reliable networks through which youth can communicate and organise.

Action: Being the spearhead in fighting the injustices committed against youth and in creating a better future.

For further information contact: or go to:

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