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Issue #1647      July 16, 2014

We stand by the people of Palestine

Once again we are in shock as we see the images of Palestinian children, women and men who are victims of the current Israeli attacks on Palestine. Since Tuesday more than 135 Palestinians have been killed and close to 1,000 mostly civilians injured.

A rally in Sydney over the weekend against Israel’s attacks on the people of Palestine. (Photo: Tom Pearson)

Israel must stop the attacks on the Palestinian people and end the occupation of Palestine, its intent at the elimination of an entire people, an ethnic cleansing to erase Palestine off the map.

The division of Palestine in 1948 and even more particularly the 1967 Israel occupation of several other territories have decimated the map of Palestine, the shocking result of the Israeli aggression.

Palestine has the right to self-determination; its people have the right to elect their own authorities as they did in Gaza in 2006 with the election of Hamas. The killing of civilians and the spreading of more hatred is not a solution.

A political solution is possible, both Israel and Palestine have the right to live in peace.

Is peace possible? In our view it is but the occupation must end and Israel must return to the Palestinians their 1967 borders in accordance with UN Resolution 242.

The international community must act responsibly; there cannot be neutrality in this process. Any international “neutrality” such as the stand taken by the United States amounts to appeasement of Israeli aggession and support for the occupation.

There is no comparison between the two forces in the area. Israel must stop its genocide in Palestine. There is no issue of security that can act as an excuse to extinguish an entire people. The collective punishment must end.

The Israeli government plans to continue the bombing and now have special forces troops on the ground in the occupied terrortory. The Australian government is well aware of this and has called on Australian citizens to leave Gaza.

Australia must use its position on the UN Security Council to call a halt to Israel’s aggression.

Peace is possible; we all must rally in support of Palestine and a two state-solution that establishes the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its Capital. The CPA stands side by side with the Palestinian people and supports the boycott of Israel until the occupation ends.

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