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Issue #1648      July 23, 2014

Free Gaza – Free Palestine rally

In Perth and around the world people are taking to the streets to call for a halt to the bombing and killing which is taking place on the Gaza Strip in Palestine (see “Escalate the international resistance!” article this issue). The rally, called by Friends of Palestine WA, is the second in as many weekends.

Tom Marcinowski chaired the rally for Friends of Palestine and told the 500-strong crowd that Israel had committed war crimes in its bombing and missile onslaught of the Palestinian people of Gaza. An international solidarity movement was needed in support of Palestine and to end the occupation.

Melissa Parke, the ALP Federal Member for Fremantle, was the first speaker to address the rally. Ms Parke was no stranger to the conflict in Palestine. She had worked there as an international lawyer for UNRWA – the United Nations agency that looks after Palestinian refugees – for two and a half years and had witnessed first hand the oppression and suffering of the Palestinian people.

More than 230 Palestinian people had been killed by Israeli military at the time of the rally, thousands had been injured and the homes of over 1,000 families have been bombed.

The next speaker was Ayman Qwaider, a Palestinian resident of Perth who was keeping in daily touch with his family in Gaza. He reported that no one feels safe anywhere in Gaza.

Huda Minhaj, an Afghan woman, started her presentation with a passionate invocation that, “you did not have to be Palestinian to protest here, you only have to be human,” which fairly summed up the reason why people the world over have given their support to the people of Palestine.

The barbarism which the US had committed through their intervention in her country gave her moral authority to remind the US that they should not tell others they are terrorists when they are the biggest terrorists in the world.

Other speakers included Nick Everett and Martin Victoria Iverson. Iverson, with Jewish heritage, reminded the rally that prior to this brutal action by Israel, there was a rapprochement between Al Fatah and Hamas which is currently the ruling party. Israel could no longer play one off against the other.

The rally also called for a strategic response to the actions of Israel and also the US that was supporting the push by Zionists in Israel to continue their occupation of Palestinian lands, not only in Gaza but also on the West Bank.

Speakers called on people to continue their education on the issues surrounding what is really going on in the conflict so that as they spread the message it will be one of rightfulness as well truthfulness.

The Communist Party of Australia calls for the continued support of Palestine and a two-state solution and for Australians to call on the government to to use its position on the UN Security Council to call a halt to Israel’s aggression.

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