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Issue #1648      July 23, 2014

Escalate the international resistance!

The Israeli occupation forces launched their ground invasion of Gaza, Palestine, following ten days of aerial assault. At the time of going to press, the Israeli forces with their US-made and funded weaponry, had taken the lives of 600 Palestinians and the number was still rising. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the following statement (slightly abridged):

The occupation’s assault has included the targeting of children and elders, attacking schools, mosques, hospitals, family homes, and care centres for people with disabilities. Today alone, the Israeli forces targeted and bombed a rehabilitation hospital after killing eight children and four adults elsewhere in Gaza. They have taken the lives of families, demolished over 800 homes and severely damaged over 18,000 more, destroyed infrastructure, targeted critical resources and have relentlessly made use of their US-funded and supported killing machine targeting the Palestinian people.

Despite the brutal assault on Gaza, Palestinians in Gaza – and throughout occupied Palestine and in exile – have continued to resist and to reject the occupier’s logic that through death and destruction they will force us to accept surrender and die quietly. The Palestinian people in Gaza are committed to resist the occupier by all means and never to give up that resistance until victory, despite the attempts of the occupier to separate our resistance from our people through deadly force.

Throughout this assault, the Arab people and the people of the world, in massive numbers, have taken to the streets. Tens of thousands have marched in Cape Town, in Paris, in London, in Stockholm, in Tunis, in Istanbul, in San Francisco, in Santiago, in Caracas, in Chicago, in Mexico City, in New York, in The Hague, in Yemen, in Jakarta, in Sydney. In hundreds of cities and towns around the world, the voice of the people has been heard rejecting the imperialist and Zionist assault on the Palestinian people and demanding an end to the complicity, silence and direct participation of the imperialist powers, international institutions, and war-profiteering corporations in the assault on Palestine.

Now, it is time to escalate the international resistance. The tanks are rolling into Gaza. The occupier’s embassies and consulates must not be allowed to operate as normal and engage in business as usual while its forces are conducting a murderous occupation.

US imperial power must not continue uninterrupted around the world while it provides the economic, political and military support that runs the killing machine – in fact, the US imperialists’ Congress have just passed a bill to provide more money and more funding to make the occupation’s killing machine even more lethal against the Palestinian and Arab people.

The war-profiteering corporations that are making a financial killing on the killing of our people must not continue to see nothing but benefit for their involvement in murder, torture, apartheid, racism and occupation.

It is time to continue to take to the streets, and escalate the struggle:

Friendly and progressive governments of the world must cut their ties with the occupation state, close its embassies and recall their ambassadors, fully isolate, boycott and reject the criminal apartheid racist illegitimate settler-colonial state that is massacring Palestinians.

The reactionary Arab regimes must no longer be permitted to engage in diplomatic relations with the occupation state and host its embassies and ambassadors while it is killing Palestinians. All occupation embassies in Arab nations must be shut – permanently.

And our call to the people of the world, the millions who have taken to the streets, who have raised the Palestinian flag alongside the sons and daughters of Palestine in exile and Diaspora in every city and country of the world, we call upon you to:

  • Occupy Israeli embassies and consulates – shut them down, close their doors, prevent them from engaging in business as usual. The occupation state must be entirely boycotted and isolated, and fully rejected as the illegitimate settler-colonial occupier that it is.
  • Occupy US embassies and consulates – US imperialism is the principal sponsor of the killer occupation in Palestine and it must be held accountable by the people of the world for its crimes, not only in Palestine but throughout the world.
  • Take the profits from the hands of the killer corporations – already protesters are confronting these killer corporations like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and G4S, facing arrest in US cities such as Chicago. These corporations must face consequences – their operations interrupted and shut down. No more profits from Palestinian blood!

As the resistance in Palestine escalates so must the resistance of the world. The occupation and its sponsors must not be permitted to continue their criminal slaughter of our people – now in its latest stage after over 66 years of murder, repression, occupation, apartheid, racism and dispossession – without consequence and without meaningful blows to their ability to function. It is time to shut them down, and for the resistance of the people of the world to be heard alongside the resistance of Palestine.

They shall not pass! Gaza shall not fall! From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Information Clearing House

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