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Issue #1649      July 30, 2014

“Free Palestine” rallies continue in Perth

For the third time in as many weeks the Friends of Palestine WA organised a rally to call an end to the attacks on Palestine by Israel and an end to their occupation of Palestinian land. Around 400 people attended the rally in the Murray Street Mall.

(Photo: Richard Titelius)

MC Nick Everett of Friends of Palestine WA reminded the protesters of the bombing of a UN-run school in the northern Gaza Strip which killed a number of civilians. The bombing of Gaza was causing not only deaths and injuries amongst the Palestinian people but was also creating more refugees, amongst the millions already thrown up by the conflict in nearby Syria. Millions of people were protesting around the world said Everett, in Europe and the Americas but also on the West Bank where 20,000 protesters marched from Ramallah until they were stopped by Israeli Defence Forces.

A Palestinian woman read three statements she had received from friends in Gaza about what day-to-day life is like during this period of chaos and destruction of people’s lives, homes and communities.

Linda Morich, a Safety Officer with the Maritime Union of Australia, one of the first unions to pass a resolution condemning the attacks, spoke of the murder, genocide and outrage of these attacks. “Our government needs to have a stronger voice in this conflict and to do more,” said Morich.

An Aboriginal woman, Nicole Culbong, of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy, addressed the rally on the similarities between the struggle for recognition of sovereignty of her land and her people and that of the Palestinian people in their David and Goliath fight with Israel.

Emma Norton of the National Union of Students based at Curtin University Guild noted the unfettered support which the Australian government had given Israel.

After the rally people marched to the call, “In their thousands and in their millions, we support the Palestinians.”

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