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Issue #1651      August 13, 2014


Israel’s real enemy

Israel continues to unleash the full force of its military against the captive Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. As of Sunday August 10, almost 2,000 Palestinians had been murdered by the Israeli military, close to 500 of them children. Thousands more have been seriously injured since the bombardment began a month ago. According to UN figures, 73 percent of those killed were civilians. At the same time, 67 Israelis have lost their lives, three of them civilians. UN shelters, hospitals, ambulances, refuges, mosques, civilian infrastructure, whole neighbourhoods, schools and businesses have been deliberately shelled. Daily media reports and images of the death and suffering continue to shock people around the world.

Worldwide opposition is mounting to the Israeli slaughter with calls for peace and the lifting of the blockade on Gaza. In Australia, there have been rallies in the major cities over the last four weekends. The most recent of them, on Saturday August 9, saw Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others join as one to call a halt to the war on Gaza. “Free Gaza”, “Stop Israel’s War on Gaza”, “Lift the Blockade”, “Boycott Israel”, “Freedom for Palestine”, were some of the demands on banners.

Yet Western governments, including those of Australia, the US and Britain, remain silent, hiding behind the lie that such action is necessary to protect the security of Israel. As one placard at the rally in Sydney said, “Silence is a war crime”. In Israel, thousands of courageous people have also taken part in protest actions.

In the case of Israel, Operation Protective Edge is defended as retaliation (for three civilian deaths) or self-defence, that Israel is defending itself against Hamas rockets. “Rockets are raining down on Israeli cities and towns, and our troops are face-to-face with ruthless killers in Gaza,” claims one Orthodox Jewish website (

Murdoch’s The Australian newspaper takes a similar line, with the headline “Ceasefire’s end sees rockets rain down on Israel as talks continue” (09-08-2014). Naftali Bennett, a member of Israel’s security cabinet responded to the “raining down” of Hamas rockets on cities with the warning: “This is a test for Israeli deterrence, the reaction must be harsh.” The statistics of deaths and injuries tell a different story. The cities are not being hit. Israel’s Iron Dome rocket interceptor system is the best in the world. It has intercepted practically every rocket that has been fired from Gaza.

The Zionist lobby has been working overtime to have any journalists who dare to criticise Israel’s actions or support Palestinian rights labelled as “anti-Semitic” and gagged. Anti-Zionism is opposition to right-wing expansionist agenda for a Greater Israel, that the Netanyahu government, the Likud party and the Israeli military are pursuing. They have expansionist aims to swallow up the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Arab lands beyond for a Jewish state. Each new war results in another step in that direction.

For decades Israeli governments have thumbed their nose at repeated decisions of the UN Security Council that demand Israel withdraw to the borders that existed before the Israeli war of aggression against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt in 1967 and call for a two state solution. The Israelis have relied on the protection of the US which has armed and financed Israel as a military power shoring up US interests in the region. The US supplied the high-tech weapons being used now and has just approved another US$225 million for the Iron Dome program.

It is the Zionists who are the real enemies of the state of Israel, who are fuelling anti-Semitism and anger towards Israel through their brutal oppression and murder of Palestinians. The last thing they want is peace, as it would end their attempts to justify the ongoing offensive against Gaza and clearing of Palestinian lands for Jewish settlements. It should not come as a surprise that Jewish leaders have reported a spike in anti-Semitic incidents since the bombardment of Gaza began.

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