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Issue #1656      September 17, 2014

CPA Secretariat statement

Proposed visit to Australia of representatives of Golden Dawn

According to reports in the Greek community media, the neo-fascist party of Greece “Golden Dawn” is sending a high level delegation to Australia shortly, comprised of their two European Parliament members, for the purpose of promoting the ideology of this party among Australia’s Greek communities, and fostering support for it, including collecting money from Australia in order to financially support their criminal activities in Greece.

The policy of this party is to divide the people on the basis of race and nationality, promote extreme forms of nationalism, cultivate racial and national hatred among people, engage in savage physical attacks against all migrants and people rejecting their ideas and generally embrace all backward, reactionary and violent social behaviour.

Their activities are so extreme and outside the law and norms of democratic life, that some of their leaders, including prominent parliamentary members, have been convicted for criminal activities and are serving prison sentences for serious violations of the country’s penal code.

This violent and extremely dangerous Party is now sending two of its leading members to Australia to carry on their divisive and destructive activities. Their presence in a multicultural society like Australia, comprised of people of various ethnic backgrounds from all corners of the earth, can only spell trouble for Australia’s communities.

Their extreme violence and their doctrines of national and racial superiority must be of great concern not only to Australia’s Greek communities but to all people of Australia who in their overwhelming majority reject violence of one national group against the other and the fascist policies of discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity.

The Australian people should never allow our country to become the breeding ground of violence divisions and hatred and become the source of financial support for fascist activities abroad.

For all these reasons we call upon the Australian government and the Prime Minister to refuse to issue visas and so deny this delegation entry into Australia. Further we call upon all progressive and democratic members of the Greek communities and of the wider community, as well as democratic organisations, trade unions and others, to raise their objections to this visit in any way possible.

Such methods include sending letters of protest to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration, protesting vigorously to their local member of Parliament and Senators, organising a petition to collect signatures from interested people and by sending a delegation to Canberra to present the petition and press upon the government to take the steps required to prevent this visit.

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