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Issue #1656      September 17, 2014

Letter from Cuba

For the tenth consecutive year the Colloquium for the Freedom of the Cuban Five and Against Terrorism was held on September 11-12.

It was previously held in Holguin but this year the meeting took place in Havana with over 300 delegates from over 50 countries taking part.

A delegate from South Africa said that the Five are heroes world wide and are an inspiration and symbol of the struggle against terrorism and for freedom in Africa and Latin America.

Some documentaries and speakers during the conference outlined the background to the case of the Five.

Cuba has had a history of sabotage and terrorist bombings since the victory of the revolution in 1959 which have caused the deaths of almost 3,500 people and over 2000 have been incapacitated. These groups are still active today and in May this year four terrorists were arrested trying to enter Cuba planning to carry out attacks.

These counter revolutionary groups are operating from the USA and Cuba quite justifiably infiltrated them so as to have advance warning of their plans to be able to counter them and prevent more injury and damage to people and property.

In 1998 a meeting with the FBI was arranged in Havana by Cuba where the FBI were presented with boxes of documents on the activities of these groups. They left with the assurance that they would respond to the documents.

But what happened? There was no response from the FBI and the Cuban Five were arrested while the terrorists groups remained untouched.

The USA classified Nelson Mandela as a terrorist, and Cuba is on the list of countries that support terrorism, which are false allegations. At the same time terrorists such as Luis Posada Carriles and others who were responsible for numerous murders and crimes in various countries, including the bombing of a Cuban aircraft in 1976 which crashed killing all on board after leaving Barbados, have admitted to their crimes on national television but are walking the streets of Miami, USA with impunity, and calls from affected countries for extradition from the USA to face justice in the countries where their crimes were committed are ignored.

The Colloquium analysed the activities and results emanating from the decisions taken at last year’s event and in the final declaration a plan was drawn up which can be best summarised that we need to be more creative and try to attract more people, especially in the US through our contacts in organisations such as trade unions.

Also to attract more actors, parliamentarians and other public figures to break the press-imposed wall of silence and web of lies to inform more people about the case of the Five to arouse public opinion.

All over the world bike rides, mountain climbing, danceathons, banners unfurled and numerous other imaginative and novel activities have been organised to publicise the case.

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