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Issue #1670      January 28, 2015

Terrorism classification and CIA assassination “comedy”

It is an act of such outrageous hypocrisy and fabricated outrage that the whole world – except the mainstream Western media – can see it for what it is, a vicious, farcical production by the USA’s degenerate warmongering rulers to target another country for regime change.

US president Obama has declared that the United States – the world’s biggest communications hacker and secret, illegal electronic surveillance operator – may place the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) back on the state terror list for the “cybervandalism” of an about to be released “assassination comedy” called The Invitation, featuring DPRK leader Kim Jong-un as the target.

US court clown, Republican Senator John McCain has joined in the chorus – stating the hacking of the film is more than vandalism – it is a new form of warfare and USA should respond more “robustly”.

North Korea denies it had anything to do with the hacking of the film, a production by the US studio of Japanese multinational Sony, though it has strongly opposed its release.

When news of the hacking broke and the US administration immediately blamed North Korea, the DPRK government actually demanded a joint investigation with the USA of the matter.

The United States is instead, trying to get a “please explain” from China and a commitment to block North Korea’s ability to launch cyber-attacks and conduct the cyber-warfare operations of which it is being accused.

This is mainly to have a go at China through North Korea. The DPRK’s telecommunications run through Chinese-operated networks. China and the United States however, are already at a stand-off over “extremely ridiculous” allegations the US has previously made against China over cybersecurity.

Demanding action from China can only worsen already deteriorating relations between the two powers.

Even worse, this campaign of smear and unsubstantiated charges and pending penalties against the DPRK is being generated despite a claim from an anonymous group from within Sony’s own studio division, calling itself the Guardians of Peace. The group claims it hacked the film with the intention of halting its release, which was due for release on – wait for it – Christmas Day! Ha! Ha! Ha! A bit of light assassination comedy for post-pudding Christmas fare!

However the whole affair is more insidious than that – in that the film’s production and intended release has been a stage managed production from the start, intended to both provoke the DPRK and to incite elements within North Korea to undertake a “copycat” assassination.

The DPRK characterisation of the United States as the planet’s “cesspool of terrorism” has unfortunately and repeatedly been proven to be true.

“ ... evidence continues to surface that the entire Sony Pictures affair, going back to the original decision by the studio to make a film depicting the murder of Kim Jong-un, was a provocation inspired by the US military-intelligence apparatus ... “

It transpires that Sony Pictures co-chairman Michael Lynton is on the board of trustees of the Rand Corporation, a regular CIA/Pentagon contract consultant; Rand’s North Korea specialist, Bruce Bennett, pushed hard for the film, originally to be set in a fictitious country with a fictitious ruler, to specifically make it a film on Kim Jong-un and the DPRK; and that Bennett – and a number of State Department officials – view “the assassination of Kim Jong Un (as) the most likely path to a collapse of the North Korean government”.

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