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Issue #1673      February 18, 2015

CPA statement condemning acts of aggression against Venezuela

The Communist Party of Australia stands with the people of Venezuela as they resist yet another attempt on the part of reactionary forces to crush the Bolivarian Revolution begun in the country in 1998. A plot to assassinate President Maduro, which was thwarted last week, is just the latest in a long series of efforts to terrorise the people of the country who have benefited greatly from programs put in place by the governments of presidents Chávez and Maduro.

The expression of the will of the overwhelming majority of the people, particularly poor people, through their democratically-elected government has been met by acts of economic disruption, outrageous defamation in the mass media, sabotage of the state-owned oil industry, a strike by the business sector, an attempted coup that included the kidnapping of the late president Hugo Chávez in 2002, and a campaign of random, extremely violent acts against innocent members of the public last year.

In recent times there has been a coordinated attempt to create shortages in shops by hoarding of the goods needed by the population. Other forms of sabotage in the sphere of international trade have worsened economic conditions already under threat from the dramatic drop in the price of oil manipulated on international markets by the US and its allies in the Middle East. In fact the hand of the US can be seen in all the attempts to reverse the revolutionary process entered into by the people of Venezuela in 1998. This includes massive direct funding to pro-US opposition groups. The Communist Party of Australia expresses its solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro, the people of Venezuela and their Bolivarian Revolution and condemns the US administration’s policy of “regime change” in the strongest possible terms.

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