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Issue #1680      April 15, 2015

Venezuela is not alone!

US President Barack Obama’s Executive Order declaring Venezuela a threat to US national security and foreign policy objectives must rank as one of the most spectacular political “own goals” of recent times. Since the thinly veiled declaration of war on the Bolivarian Revolution was made on March 9, world opinion has rallied in support of Venezuela’s sovereignty and security. There have been some unprecedented expressions of solidarity, especially in Latin America where the mood is decidedly against turning the clock to a US-dominated Western Hemisphere.

Obama was previously on track for improved relations with Latin America following moves towards the normalisation of relations with Cuba. The threat to Venezuela has soured the mood. There was a unanimous statement from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), which represents all 33 countries in the region, totally rejecting the order and the sanctions against Venezuelan officials, declaring the acts “coercive measures contrary to international law.”

An international petition has gathered over 10 million signatures. Protests have taken place all over Europe, the Americas and even Gaza, whose people benefited greatly from the solidarity extended by the people of Venezuela. Bolivia has pledged military support. In far away Australia, disparate community and solidarity groups have rallied in support of the Bolivarian Revolution that has delivered so many benefits to the people of Venezuela. Protests against US aggression took place last weekend in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In Adelaide, the local chapter of the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network was revived and plans made for future actions in support.

The US has sought to defuse the situation caused by the inflammatory Executive Order. The language used in the announcement was claimed to be “pro forma” in order to justify sanctions. The threat to Venezuela, however, remains in place. The Bolivarian Revolution has endured US-backed sabotage against the vital oil industry, capital flight, a business strike, hoarding of vital supplies and other economic sabotage, acts of random extreme violence and, of course, a bloody coup attempt in 2002. A recent coup plot was thwarted at a very advanced stage.

The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) has issued a declaration of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and called for an international day of action on April 19.

“The objective of this event will be to give a clear and strong message to imperialism: Venezuela is not alone and the rest of the world supports and accompanies us,” a letter from the PCV says. “This initiative is framed within the international and national anti-imperialist offensive of the Communist Party of Venezuela.

“Comrades, we count on your support and active solidarity. We extend fraternal greeting from the homeland of Bolivar, where the working class and people will continue to advance towards the construction of the socialist society.”

The declaration finishes with a list of demands and goals fully backed by the Communist Party of Australia. We support efforts to:

  • Express our full and active solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the Communist Party of Venezuela and the government of President Nicolas Maduro, victims of a dangerous aggression by US government;
  • Demand the repeal of the infamous and interventionist decree signed by President Barack Obama;
  • Join the joint call for a Day of Global Action in solidarity with Venezuela, on April 19;
  • Summon the movements and organisations which bring together and represent the working class and people so that they demonstrate their militant solidarity with Venezuela during the activities to be held on May 1;
  • Refuse in each parliament the motions and actions directed against Venezuela and its legitimate right to self-determination.

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