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Issue #1681      April 22, 2015

Region Briefs

The state owned enterprise, Vietnam Railways (VNR), recently helped farmers to transport onions for free from the south to the north. The VNR General Director, Vu Ta Tung, ordered the Saigon and Hanoi Railways to carry out that plan, as the onion price in the south dropped, and it created financial difficulties for local farmers. This action has shown that state owned enterprises cared and better served the interest of the people, compared to most private companies that only intended to pursue their economic interest.

On April 14, Vietnam Deputy Prime Minister, Vu Duc Dam, attended a conference in Ho Chi Minh City to honour people who had contributed to the 1975 Ho Chi Minh military campaign that liberated the south and unified the whole country. Vu said that the Party, state and people were grateful to the heroes who sacrificed their lives and youth for the revolutionary cause, and he called for the youth to learn this revolutionary spirit and to bring peace and prosperity to the country. About 8.8 million people (10 percent of the population) in the country are war veterans, heroic mothers and relatives of martyrs, and they are benefiting from the government’s preferential policies in education, housing and healthcare.

An elected seven-member Presidium hosted the 21st Congress of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) on April 15. Drafts on the political tactical line were presented to the congress, covering the history and achievements of the political tactical lines in the past 25 years. During the congress, 29 amendments were passed and two resolutions were adopted.

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection ordered Hebei province to stop pollution in Baiyangdian wetland (150 kilometres from Beijing), punishing environmental violations in the area, as reports showed that the wetland was polluted and damaged by unauthorised development. No industrial waste should be dumped in the water and residential sewage pipes should be properly handled. Illegal aquaculture and tourist projects would be cancelled or removed. The wetland is the largest freshwater wetland in northern China. Moreover, the province is known for its air pollution in China, but recently it vowed to clean up smog by reducing coal-related pollution. The province’s Vice Governor, Zhang Jiehui, said that the province would cut by half emissions from coal-fired power stations.

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