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Issue #1685      May 20, 2015

US war from Australian soil

A US defence department official has made clear that US plans to build up its military presence in the north of Australia, including surveillance bombers and an increasing numbers of Marines and other personnel, is to target China.

A B1 Bomber at the Dyess Air Force Base, Texas.

US Defence Department assistant secretary for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, David Shear, announced that “we will be placing additional Air Force assets in Australia, including B-1 bombers and surveillance aircraft” to deter Chinese “ambitions” in the South China Sea.

That PM Tony Abbott then issued a denial, saying the official “misspoke”, serves in fact to confirm not only that the positioning of US forces in the Asia-Pacific is in preparation for aggression against China, but that pre-emptive statement highlights Australia’s sovereignty has been usurped in service to big power global strategies. Abbott confirmed as much, saying he had been “assured” by the US on the B-1 bombers.

The development comes as the US substantially increases its military presence in the South China Sea and Japan plans to abandon the self-defence stipulations in its constitution in order to participate in foreign conflicts.

The increased presence of US forces in the South China Sea includes sending warships and aircraft within 22 kilometres of reefs near the Spratly Islands that are claimed by Japan. Chinese spokesman Zhu Haiquan said China had “indisputable sovereignty” over the islands, called in Chinese Nansha Islands.

This move is part of the USA’s “pivot to Asia” strategy, which aims to gradually emplace a blockade on China, closing off its trade routes, affecting its ability to import oil from the Middle East or elsewhere by sea.

Australia is being upgraded as a US-operated base for this purpose.

Australia has a “force posture agreement” with the US that allows “enhanced aircraft cooperation initiatives.” It has already had heavy B-52 bombers deployed in Australia.

The Communist Party of Australia calls for:

  • No US troops on Australian soil
  • Oppose Australia’s role as US deputy in the region
  • Independent Australian foreign policy that builds peace and respect for the sovereignty of countries in the region and the wider world

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