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Issue #1689      June 17, 2015

“People, take the situation in your own hands!”

Mass protests in Greece against EU austerity measures

Tens of thousands of people, representing more than 700 trade union and people’s organisations have participated in demonstrations all over Greece.

The demonstrations, initiated by the All Workers Militant Front (PAME – Panergatiko Agonistiko Metopo – founded by Communist Party of Greece trade unionists in 1999), protested the latest anti-worker austerity measures the Greek SYRIZA government has prepared at the behest of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank.

The demonstrations have sent a message of militant resistance from the people of Greece to the governments, financial institutions and multinationals that are pushing the costs of capitalism’s self-induced economic crisis onto the backs of working people.

Workers from dozens of unions occupied the Ministry of Finance of Greece, where they raised a giant banner proclaiming: “Enough blood we have shed! Enough we have paid! People, take the situation in your own hands! Block the new measures and the long lasting memorandums!”

The demonstrations are in preparation for a general strike, which PAME is calling in response to the Greek government’s latest austerity measures.

The Maritime Branch of the Communist party of Australia, which is based on militant, class conscious members of the Maritime Union of Australia in Sydney, sent a message of solidarity to PAME on the eve of the demonstrations in Greece, stating:

“We support your class struggle against the attacks by Capital and the Greek government, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union, who are attacking the rights of workers and the broader masses. We congratulate you on your mass demonstrations today, June 11, 2015. We will stand with you until your final victory”.

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