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Issue #1691      July 1, 2015

Region Briefs

Three thousand people surrounded Japan’s parliament building to protest Prime Minister Abe’s decision that extended the current length of parliament session to 95 days. Abe believed the extended session would help him to push a series of war-related bills through parliament. The protesters demanded Abe step down as Prime Minister and withdraw the bills. Abe was criticised for being a dictator, dragging Japan into armed conflicts. Opposition leaders questioned Abe’s ability of making right decisions for Japan’s military. The Japanese Communist Party Chair Kazuo Shii believes that the extended session would not help the bills to pass through parliament.

A 53-year-old preserved vegetable factory female owner in China’s Zhejiang province closed her business in order to better protect local environment, after she attended a village environmental protection meeting, organised by a local Party committee. The owner, Xuan Aifeng, was in the vegetable processing business for life. She cheaply sold her newly upgraded equipment as well as the factory to a non-polluting business. She then became a street cleaner, although her factory passed the country’s environmental protection check. Her decision lost her around AU$150,000 in total not including this year’s revenue.

China’s State Council recently released guidelines, giving support and favourable polices to college graduates, veterans and domestic migrant workers. The guidelines would relieve poverty in rural areas and are part of a nationwide campaign that boosts employment and entrepreneurship. It lowers tax and administration fees, as well as subsidises loans. According to Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security, Xin Changxing, “the campaign would boost massive entrepreneurship and innovation as people who returned to rural hometowns had already accumulated certain capital, specific ability and work experiences”.

The Communist Party of Vietnam’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong attended a celebration to mark the country’s 90th Revolutionary Press Day. Former leader Ho Chi Minh organised and published the first issue of the Thanh nien (Young People) in 1925, as part of preparations establishing a political party to lead the revolution. The Secretary wrote to the newspaper that a more developed society needed the press even more. The newspaper, as an effective tool, has a great honour and social responsibility, spreading Marxism-Leninism and promoting social development. Vietnam’s revolutionary press has been on the people and the Party’s side all along for socialism and national independence. The Secretary noted that the press promoted Vietnam to the world and helped inform people of regional and global issues.

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