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Issue #1694      July 22, 2015

Greek workers need and deserve our solidarity

CPA Secretariat statement

The Communist Party of Australia and all progressive Australians have a duty to act in solidarity with the workers and other exploited people of Greece. From the onset of the current economic crisis, Greek workers have resisted the destruction of the remnants of their country’s independence and defended gains made through decades of struggle and sacrifice. The PAME trade union organisation has been in the forefront. The will of the Greek people was expressed clearly in the referendum of July 5. They insisted on an end to austerity, an end to the diktat of the banks and other transnational corporations and that the people responsible for the debt crisis be forced to pay.

Unfortunately for Greece, the Syriza government, which carried the hopes of so many Greeks with its anti-austerity message, has quickly shown its true ideological position. It has caved in to the threats of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund and has gone back on its undertakings to the people. This betrayal was predicted by the Communist Party of Greece, which has maintained a consistent and correct position that Greece should exit the EU and rebuild the economy on the basis of nationalised industries.

The European Union is not a gathering of equals. It is dominated by the bigger economies of Europe, Germany and France in particular, and furthers the profit-making interests of the ruling classes of those countries. It is no friend of German or French workers, either. It is the economic arm of the NATO military bloc that has wrought so much death and destruction on the peoples of Europe and the Middle East.

Since Greece’s entry into the EU in 1981, its agriculture and other industries have been systematically undermined under the rules of the EU imposed upon it. It was set up to fail. Each new “rescue” package imposes further austerity measures on the people to line the coffers of those responsible for the crisis. Now what little of the country’s very independence that remains is for sale to the highest bidder and the workers are faced with the prospect of third world pay and conditions. There can be no question Greek workers will fight back and, in that just fight, the hopes and solidarity of left and progressive Australians are with them.

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