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Issue #1694      July 22, 2015

Banker-occupied Greece

It’s all over but the obituary. Rubber-stamp Greek parliamentarians overwhelmingly approved transforming the nation into a banker run colony – by a 229 – 64 vote. Six lawmakers abstained.

Prime Minister Tsipras rubbed salt into the wound he inflicted, saying he “does not believe in (the) irrational” capitulation plan he demanded and voted for.

Coalition partner Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos and likeminded party members voted “yes” after rhetorically rejecting Troika terms.

The vast majority of bailout funding goes to pay bankers and other creditors – nothing for economic recovery and growth. The price is deeper punishing austerity, greater poverty and unemployment than already, and far more human misery ahead with no end in sight.

Only 32 of Syriza’s 149 parliamentarians voted “no” – including banished Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, Finance Ministry Secretary General Manos Manousakis, Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafanzanis, Deputy Labour Minister Dimitris Stratoulis and ousted Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou.

She called the bailout proposal “social genocide”. Other austerity opponents denounced it as “a new Versailles Treaty”.

Sovereign Greece no longer exists. Troika bandits own its soul. Democracy’s denouement became official in its birthplace.

Meanwhile, police clashed violently with thousands of anti-austerity protesters outside parliament demanding promised relief – social justice, not sellout.

Prime Minister Tsipras rubbed salt into the wound he inflicted, saying he “does not believe in (the) irrational” capitulation plan he demanded and voted for.

He lied claiming he had no choice. Terms were forced on him, he said. Responsible leadership would have rejected them outright, walked away and stood tall ahead of being welcomed home as a national hero – challenging Troika bandits courageously, saying “no” when it matters most.

Instead he showed he’s like all the rest – pledging one thing, doing another, betraying his constituents in the process, proving he and likeminded Syriza officials are pretence populists, more contemptible than right-wing austerity supporters.

Judas officials are the most despised for good reason. They deserve the harshest condemnation. Syriza and likeminded traitors agreed to plunge Greece into greater protracted Depression than already and all the extreme pain and suffering along with it – a no-win Faustian betrayal.

Can Tsipras’ coalition government survive the sellout? Will he lose majority support? Will enough members bolt to force snap elections?

Overwhelming parliamentary support for destructive bailout terms may save him – including from nearly 80 percent of Syriza party members. The faithful were too few in number to matter.

At the same time, Tsipras’ status as Greece’s leader is hugely damaged. Whether he’ll stay prime minister remains to be seen – popularly supported last January, a recognised Judas after capitulating in Brussels.

The sobering day after offers no solace – an unsettling aftermath after a tumultuous evening. Reports suggest opposition Syriza ministers and other party opponents will be ousted. Rogue regimes operate this way. Affected parliamentarians would have a choice – leave government or continue in office as independents, weakening Tsipras’ hold.

He faces a near-impossible task of selling betrayal to an angry public. Since sweeping to victory in January pledging no more austerity, he systematically breached his promises.

Approving Troika bailout terms turned Greece into a failed state. Tsipras lost his most important political asset – public trust.

His explanation rings hollow – claiming he got better terms than Troika officials demanded, saying “we will now fight at home to finish the oligarchy which brought us to this state.”

Selling out to Troika bandits shows his rhetoric is meaningless. Financial tyranny is official state policy.

Next article – New probe of Israeli killings on Mavi Marmara

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