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Issue #1703      September 23, 2015

CPA solidarity with Simón Trinidad

The Communist Party of Australia sends greetings to the protest being held outside the US super-max prison in Florence, Colorado where Colombian citizen Simón Trinidad is being held. Simón’s treatment is outrageously unjust and emblematic of the arrogance of the US in its dealings with Latin America and developing countries around the world.

His extradition to the US showed utter disrespect for the sovereignty of Colombia and Trinidad’s role as a peace negotiator for the FARC-EP at the time of his capture. Australia is locked in a political and military alliance with the US and it is the duty of peace-loving people in our country, also, to show solidarity with the victims of imperialism like Simón. We applaud the actions of progressive US citizens and their call for the release of the prisoner.

Trinidad’s detention in soul-crushing conditions in the US is out of step with the flow of historical events. His skills should be brought to the table in Havana where discussions about the future of Colombia are being held between representatives of the Colombian government and the FARC-EP. The US and Colombian governments should facilitate Trinidad’s participation.

The long-suffering people of Colombia deserve peace with social justice. A decision from the US President to release Simón would be an indication to the world that the US is moving in the direction of respectful relations with its neighbours in Latin America as was evidenced recently with the re-establishment of diplomatic ties with Cuba.

The CPA stands with those calling for peace and international relations based on equality and mutual benefit, not imperialist domination and exploitation. We call for the freedom of all Colombian political prisoners, including those in US prisons. Free Simón Trinidad!

Bob Briton
General Secretary
Communist Party of Australia
18 September 2015

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