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Issue #1703      September 23, 2015

The Islamic regime of Iran murdered Shahrokh Zamani

We have received news that Shahrokh Zamani died in Rajaee Shahr prison. We are saddened by this news. The criminal Islamic regime imprisoned Shahrokh, put him under the most severe brutal torture, physically and psychologically, and every method possible to silence him. Despite all the threats and crackdowns, Shahrokh continued his activities in defending workers’ rights, and educating his co-workers while in prison. Shahrokh challenged the authorities and the anti-worker fundamentalist Islamic regime by turning prison into a trench war of struggle with his writings and leadership.

Throughout his life Shahrokh struggled for the liberation and emancipation of the working class from exploitation and oppression. Outside prison, as a member of the painters’ trade union, the Provisional Board for Reopening of House-Painter Workers’ union and the Follow-up Committee to Set up Free Labour Organisations he struggled for workers’ rights and freedom. In prison he did not stop for one moment fighting for his humanitarian cause, defending the rights of other social classes, prison inmates and those who were sentenced to death.

Shahrokh, with all his being was thinking about the emancipation of the working class from deprivation and exploitation. Despite the difficult conditions, the problems and deprivations inside prison, he still tried to promote his ideas beyond prison for the creation of political and trade union organisations through his various writings.

The continuation of his struggle and commitment to the revolutionary objectives of the working class in prison was a deep thorn in the side of the corrupt and criminal ruling authorities. That is why these perpetrators of crime and corruption hated Shahrokh and others similar to him and took his life. He was not only under mental and physical pressure, but he was denied any medical treatment for his health issues which were a result of his many years of imprisonment.

Prison officials, security and judicial forces prevented him from the necessary medical treatment. The Islamic regime is responsible for his murder. Those responsible for this heinous crime must be brought to justice and pay for their criminal actions.

Shahrokh is not the first victim of the Islamic regime inside prison, nor will he be the last one. As long as this regime exists and rules with such methods and leaders we will witness the same criminal murderous acts. In order to achieve freedom and prosperity and a society free from such crime and corruption, there is no other way than to overthrow the Islamic regime, and replace it with a society free from the features of that regime. Towards the same society that Shahrokh was struggling for, outside and inside prison.

The Solidarity Committees Abroad send their sympathy and extend their condolences to Shahrokh’s family, relatives and his comrades in the follow up committee, all of his friends and working class leaders.

In the near future, we will try to organise a suitable and worthy ceremony to appreciate and remember a true and great fighter of the working class, also to expose and protest against the crimes of the Islamic regime.

  • Shame on the capitalist Islamic regime, the murderer of Shahrokh Zamani
  • Down with the Islamic regime
  • Long live socialism

The Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement Abroad
September 13, 2015

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