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Issue #1705      October 7, 2015

Imperialism and the refugee disaster

Statement, CP of Denmark

At the moment, we are witnessing the worst refugee disaster since the Second World War. Millions are fleeing war and oppression. Others are trying to outrun death by starvation or escape abysmal poverty. The overwhelming majority reside as internal refugees in the stricken countries themselves or in neighbouring countries, but many are trying to reach Europe. Theirs is a dangerous journey, and many refugees drown en route or perish in other horrible ways.

The present government of Denmark, with the support of the rightist-national Danish People’s Party and the Social Democrats, refuses to share the responsibility for the fate of the refugees. On the contrary, the government holds that Denmark must aim to admit as few refugees as possible to the country.

This highly disgraceful attitude largely ignores that Denmark itself to a very considerable degree has contributed to creating the torrent of refugees.

The refugees essentially come from these countries:

Afghanistan; it will be remembered that in 1988 the present Prime Minister of Denmark, then chairman of the youth organisation of the liberalist party Venstre, paid a visit to the Afghan Islamist terrorists and was photographed playing with an AK-47 assault rifle. The subsequent war in Afghanistan in which Denmark ”naturally” participated produced death, destruction, and a large number of refugees.

Iraq, which earlier had a relatively stable non-Islamist rule. This rule was ended when Imperialism in the shape of the USA and several European NATO countries, among them Denmark, invaded Iraq in 2003. The result is well known: not a day passes without innocent people being killed, caught in skirmishes between various warring Islamist groups. Again, the consequence was a large number of refugees who fled Iraq to save their lives.

In Libya, NATO intervened, again with Denmark at the front. The Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was brutally murdered. The outcome was a completely split country with rival groups fighting each other for power. In this situation, thousands of people who had come from other regions of Africa to work in Libya have been caught in the middle and are forced to flee northward to Europe to save their lives.

Finally, NATO and the EU have contributed substantially to fanning the flames that grew into a violent civil war in Syria – a civil war that has cost innumerable lives and put millions of people to flight. By virtue of its membership of NATO and the EU, Denmark has participated in creating the torrent of refugees from Syria. Turkey, also a member of NATO, has given both direct and indirect support to ISIS (ISIL), and other US friends among the Gulf states, particularly Saudi Arabia, have supported various groups of ”insurgents” fighting to topple Syria’s democratically elected leader Bashar al-Assad.

The regions of origin

By far most refugees are housed in camps in poor neighbouring countries, particularly in Lebanon and Jordan. Only a relatively small number reaches Europe, and of these just a few continue to Denmark. Denmark bears a large part of the responsibility and blame for the ruin, killings and maimings which have hit the civilian population of the affected countries very hard. It is preposterous and disgusting that almost all parties in the Danish Parliament adamantly refuse to receive any more refugees and try to foist them off on poor countries in the region of origin instead.

Communists appeal

Now as before, we Communists point out that Capitalism with its Imperialism carries the blame for the refugee problem. We appeal to everybody to welcome the war refugees and help them in every way possible.

We will work to make the causes of war and destruction clear to the whole population.

We will work to create a broad and strong peace movement that is able to put a stop to wars and in this way prevent future refugee disasters.

The Executive Committee
Communist Party of Denmark, KPiD

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