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Issue #1707      October 21, 2015

The Common Tern

Turnbull’s elite private school threatens litigation if penalty rates go

The Principal of Sydney Grammar, the elite private school attended by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, has threatened litigation and “to swiftly remove the old boy’s etching from our honours roll”, if Sunday penalty rates are cut, according to an article in Privilege, their weekly magazine.

Speaking on behalf of current students and the college’s long list of famous old scholars, which includes former battlers such as Sir James Oswald Fairfax, Headmaster, Dr Charles Snodgrass III told Common Tern that any move to cut penalty rates will lead to a massive drop in enrolments.

“I can cite a perfect example without even stopping to think,” said Snodgrass. “We have a family who just returned from holidaying in the Swiss Alps and they’ve returned I’m told to find the husband will have his Sunday dawn shift cut at the local Caltex if these cuts proceed. One wonders if their Paris trip next year will be downgraded to economy after news like this,” he said.

It’s rumoured another parent, who has worked weekend shifts in Lay-by at K-mart since high school in order to give her kids a decent private education has attempted self-harm after hearing of the cuts. Principal Snodgrass confirmed the story’s accuracy.

“Yes, it’s a terrible state of affairs,” said Snodgrass. “Sharon (Shaz) Arrowsmith is a long-term supporter of the school; she worked her way up from the gutter really. She’s put five children through Sydney Grammar in the hope they don’t have the misfortune of working in customer service and exposed to the underclasses. She’s also sold her holiday home at Lane Cove and we haven’t seen her at the Polo Club for weeks. To make matters worse we believe she has had to cut back to two personal training sessions a week. It’s quite tragic and terrible for her health,” he said.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has also warned the government about the impact on private school enrolments if the penalty rate cuts go ahead.

“Labor’s position is clear. A cut to Sunday penalty rates will have disastrous effects on private schools, and their rowing clubs. We’ll do everything possible to block any legislation that forces parents and their children into the run down public system.”

Common Tern flies over the heads of some but beware not to take him too seriously ...

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