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Issue #1709      November 4, 2015

Palestine – awake the world

“Young Palestinians do not go out to murder Jews because they are Jews, but because we are their occupiers, their torturers, their jailers, the thieves of their land and water, their exilers, the demolishers of their homes, the blockers of their horizon.” Amira Hass.

I hope that recent events in the Israeli occupied West Bank have awakened more people to what’s really going on in Palestine and has helped them to clearly see who are the oppressors and who are the oppressed in this situation.

And that this will embolden more people to speak up and do something to help and support the Palestinian people. Because Palestinians have already suffered far too much, for far too long, the loss of their homeland, displacement, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, cruel abuses, atrocities and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The west cannot remain indifferent to the plight of the Palestinian people and be silent because Jews were persecuted by others during the Second World War. Why must Palestinians continue to pay the terrible price for this past tragedy which was nothing to do with them. An injustice committed against one people does not justify an injustice inflicted against another people. Without justice, respect and the restoration of Palestinian rights there will be no real peace in Palestine.

Let’s not ignore cruel repression or allow the maiming and deaths of thousands more Palestinian children, women and men to go unnoticed without doing something to stop this ongoing gross mistreatment. The Palestinians deserve the utmost empathy and solidarity of all people of conscience and for all those concerned about righteousness to act and show support.

To witness such Israeli human rights abuses and other brutal crimes and not speak out is blatantly morally wrong. Our voices and actions can make a positive difference in ending this heartbreaking catastrophe.

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