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Issue #1713      December 2, 2015

A children’s story

The Little Chilli Pot That Could Not

In a place like this, with people like you and me,
Was a cooking pot, filled to the brim with delicious chilli
All the people sought its chilli, yummy, tasty and hot!
But oh no! Although it wanted to serve all…
The Chilli Pot… Could not!
Because of some greedy people, fat, wealthy and mean!
They claimed ownership of pot, chilli and every last bean!
These were the fat cats!
Although fat cats few, and the chilli was vast!
“Only cold nibbles and drops for the poorer class!”
Because of the markets, banks and credit
The fat cats owned the pot, and all things in it!
The people who cooked and made the fat cats fat
Were poor, hungry and thin, hunched with bad backs.
The Chilli Pot was sad, it wanted to feed all!
But almost all suffered, bellies empty, fed scraps cold.
The pot grew angry, and its chilli began to boil …
Tired of seeing the hungry people, slave work and toil.
“Enough is Enough!” Roared the Chilli Pot!
“You have had your fill!”
The fat cats were shocked!
And scared stiff and still.
“Brothers and sisters, no longer shall you go without!”
All people rose up, inspired by the shout!
“Rise and remove these fat cats from our lives!
No longer shall you be left and ignored,
them dismissing your cries!”
The people were stirred, shouting and cheering!
Marching in protest while the fat cats were fearing.
The Chilli Pot was bubbling hot, glowing a bright red!
The fat cats were captured, tried and no longer fed.
All the people chanted, “Hurrah! Hooray!”
All can have chilli, all are equal this day!
The chilli pot was happy, and all were ready for food!,
But his chilli was all burnt! After his revolting mood!
The Chilli pot felt awful, the people could not eat!
Nothing left for anyone after the fat cats’ defeat.
But no one was sad, everyone then laughed!
Together, people and pot, they began the new graft.
The vegetables chopped, fresh meat prepared.
All the work was equal, all labour was shared.
Everyone chipped in, and help make the batch!
Singing “For all people and pot”, the pot then hatched!
The smell was amazing, the best ever known!
The masses did dribble and their stomachs did groan!
“Come one, come all!” Bellowed the smiling Pot!
“Enjoy OUR chilli while it is piping hot!”
Everyone had a bowl, and was stunned by its taste!
All people full and happy, not just the fat cats they’d chased.
The people’s chilli, made for one and all!
Each person now fed, left feeling 10 feet tall
So came to an end, the pot and people’s blight.
When the oppressed and poor, stand together and unite!


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