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Issue #1714      December 9, 2015

Taking issue – PPSH Bear

Why France?

A series of brutal massacres have claimed hundreds of innocent lives from 26 countries on November 13, 2015. It seems terrorist attacks have become France’s nightmare throughout the entire 2015; other major attacks include the Charlie Hebdo office attack in January and the Thalys train attack in August.

ISIS terrorists launched the attacks (by mass shooting and suicide bombing) almost synchronously in several of Paris’ most crowded districts (District Ten and Eleven), attacking restaurants, a music venue and a sport stadium. One hundred and twenty nine civilians were killed and another 433 were badly injured. Seven terrorists were dead on site and another one was arrested the following day in Belgium. Mainstream Western media claim the attacks were executed by Islamic extremists, but in fact, evidence shows that the suicide bomber is not a devout religious person, but a girl who likes drinking and partying.

Sympathy should be given for the loss of lives in the attacks, and any violent attack targeting innocent people should be condemned. The Paris attack has proven once again that violence can never solve conflicts, otherwise, terrorist attacks that happened in the past would prevent similar attacks happening again.

Unlike what most mainstream Western media – that keep readers’ interest in following countless information and avoiding to provide a deeper analysis – no background information on the attacks will be enumerated further in this article. Instead, it will analyse presumptions of why terrorist attacks have kept happening in France this year, hoping to encourage readers to think independently and critically in a bigger political picture.

Why France?

People around the world are asking the same question: why was France attacked again and again? Is it just a coincidence? Modern materialists do not believe in coincidence or fate. They believe that everything has explanations and consequences.

Sensible people should agree that the terrorist attacks that happened in France this year are not coincidences. There must be reasons behind the attacks that could provide better and more logical explanations. The following are some presumptions and analysis.

Is it possible that the French police and intelligence service are idle and incapable of detecting and preventing any terrorist attack, one after another? If this presumption is true, it can only prove that the French law enforcement system has lost one of its most fundamental functions, that it is unable to continually ensure public safety and maintain social order. This indicates the fact that France, as a capitalist state, has failed to even provide a basic need for supporting its modern society, failing to respond to new security threats.

Ironically, France, one of the US’s close allies, fits perfectly the category of Failed State, “Failed State” being a term that western scholars use to call a hostile state in a civil war. The French people should realise that their state is driven by a capitalist political, and economic and social system which is no longer able to protect them.

However, people may argue that France still has a well-trained, strong military force armed with nuclear weapons. The physical military might at least shows that France is capable of protecting itself, but why does the reality tell a different story?

One explanation is that neither the French police nor the government care for the lives and the safety of the working people; the French military is used only to maintain capitalists’ interest and their political order.

A western liberal democratic state, such as France, has no interest in the safety and well being of the working people, otherwise, it would lose its last remaining legitimacy that keeps the people from overthrowing the capitalist regime. And that is why western liberal democratic states in particular view legitimacy as a cornerstone. To secure legitimacy they ceaselessly promote capitalism’s justice, freedom and equality to deceive and in some instances buy off the working people.

However, with the growth of productive forces, in Karl Marx’s terms, the working class has gradually become more politically mature, concerning itself and with social problems and questioning policy and political decisions. For instance, the working people in Europe have shown enormous empathy and sympathy in solidarity with immigrants from the Middle East.

Hence the ruling capitalist class now has to work harder, covering its political purpose to dupe the working people.

French President Hollande declared “France is at war with ISIS” right after the attacks, and his claim received no political opposition in parliament. The President sent France’s only nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle to Syria for retaliation against ISIS.

In fact, the attacks give France an excuse to join the US’s military operations in Syria, supporting any military force to undermine the strength of the Syrian government and contain Russia’s counter-terrorist missions in Syria. Evidence includes: the sophisticated US army “wrongly” air dropped weapons to ISIS. And the US Congress has agreed to suspend its plan for taking 100,000 Syrian refugees into the country.

Imperialism has been using this kind of “opportunity” for a long time. Looking back to history, the Nazis concocted the Reichstag Fire in 1933, and blamed communists for setting the parliament on fire. The people must understand that kind of opportunity is often used for instigating public hatred and launching long-lasting wars that serve the ruling capitalists’ interests.

The US and its western allies promote their version of democracy and human rights and then exaggerate how cultural and religious difference produce “threats”.

Acts like those in Paris are a real danger that cultivates hatred and is the seed of terrorism, benefiting the ruling class at the expense of the working people. The oppressed classes around the world need to unite in solidarity and respect for one another.

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