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Issue #1714      December 9, 2015

Corporate media seeks to undermine Venezuela

Venezuela’s legislative elections on Sunday December 6, 2015 will significantly impact on the course of the Bolivarian Revolution started by the late Hugo Chavez. An opposition-led National Assembly would use all tools at its disposal to hamper efforts to continue the ongoing process of political, economic, and social transformation still ongoing today.

Walking the streets of Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, one gets the sense people are largely still supportive of the government, despite their understandable grievances about runaway inflation, lack of basic goods, and increasing violent crime.

However, were one to read solely the US and western corporate media, one could think the government is on the verge of collapse, and the opposition is either poised to control the government, or to have the election stolen from them.

In fact, the opposition has already laid the groundwork for a potential destabilisation of the country, as a number of key figures have openly stated that should they lose the election, it would be an indication of fraud.

Such tactics are par for the course for an opposition composed of US-backed, right wing neo-liberal members of the former ruling class – an opposition that heralds criminals such as Leopoldo Lopez as righteous heroes persecuted by the government.

The truth however is Venezuela’s electoral system is the best, “most transparent in the world,” as former US President Jimmy Carter proclaimed in 2012. Indeed, despite the distortions of the US media, these elections will be free, fair, and reflective of the will of the people.

It seems that it is the opposition that is desperate to create confusion, fabricating a pretext to invalidate the results of the election and bring down the wrath of the US political class.

The corporate media has used poll numbers to convince the world that anything other than a resounding victory for the right wing means the election was stolen. However, many of the polls cited are from anti-government sources, including opposition and US-funded NGOs. A poll with a track record of independence and accuracy predicts that, “trends indicate the forces who defend the Bolivarian process may obtain 43 percent of the votes and with that, 96 of the 167 seats of the National Assembly (parliament).”

This analysis takes into account the seats up for grabs, the districts being challenged, and the various competing political groupings.

An equally spurious claim, from the US government itself, is that the Venezuelan government unfairly banned leading opposition figures from standing for election, in particular, Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Conchita. This conveniently omits the fact that both have been implicated in a number of criminal activities, including criminal conspiracies to bring down the government on more than one occasion.

Lopez has been implicated in multiple assassination and coup attempts against the Maduro government. The man the US hails as a heroic democrat is, in fact, a violent thug and corrupt criminal whose obviously fascist tendencies are evidenced by his calls for beatings and killings of political opponents!

Conchita was connected to a major assassination attempt against Chavez and a conspiracy to overthrow the government and reassert right wing control of the country. Sounds familiar?

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