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Issue #1716      January 27, 2016

“A better world is possible”

Final Declaration of the 33rd Southern Cross Brigade from Australia and New Zealand

With much pride and emotion we, 26 Brigade members from Australia and New Zealand, have shared this time with the Cuban people during the 57th anniversary of the Revolution.

We are grateful and express our thanks to ICAP, the workers at CIJAM, and all the people we have been in contact with for the opportunity to experience Cuban reality during our stay at International Camp Julio Antonio Mella, and the province of Pinar del Rio and recognise the importance and relevance of the Camp as a means of promoting international solidarity, to ensure that Cuba is not alone in its struggle against the enemies of the Revolution, and against the intrigues of imperialism.

The voluntary work we took part in is one of the pillars of the revolution that was initiated by Che, to strengthen the bond between the people.

We salute the courage, determination and creativity of the Cuban people who have not given up in the face of adversity, but show continuously their generosity in international missions to assist those in need, with medical aid and working to promote literacy in all corners of the world, even in Australia and New Zealand.

Opening their doors to educate professionals, medical and others from all over the world, including the USA, despite their own problems.

In contrast to the misinformation spun by the press in our countries with a web of lies and blanket of silence about Socialist Cuba, we have seen first hand the prioritising of people before profit with universal access to health services, education, information, culture and the people’s participation in the political decisions of the country.

Since December 17, 2014 the dawn of a new epoch, there have been a number of victories for the Cuban people in the negotiations with the USA, the return of all of the Cuban 5, the removal of Cuba from the list of countries who support terrorism and the reopening of diplomatic relations between the two countries, with Cuba maintaining their revolutionary principles.

Now new struggles are presented that call once more for the internationalist unity of all peoples and their forces to support the Cuban people.

We are optimistic of the participation and commitment of Cuban youth and have no doubts about the continuity of the advance of the Revolution with the new challenges to be faced in the future.

We also recognise the need to defend the rights of other countries in the world for self determination, free from the threats and machinations of imperialism and its agents to destabilise, with the goal of regime change for those countries who pursue an independent or socialist course.

After our experiences and the knowledge gained in Cuba we will return to our countries with our impressions and friendships made, ready to continue the campaign to defend Cuba’s Revolution.

The 33d Southern Cross Brigade calls for:

  • The lifting of the criminal economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the US for over 55 years.
  • The immediate closure and withdrawal of the US from the Guantanamo Naval Base and prison, that has been denounced internationally for the systematic violation of human rights.
  • The end of the covert and overt media war against Cuba, and attempts at regime change to try to discredit and demoralise the victorious Socialist Revolution won and constructed by the Cuban People.

As said quite correctly by comrade Fidel and the principle that Cuba lives by with its actions, “A better world is possible.”

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