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Issue #1722      March 9, 2016

Region Briefs

The All Japan Seamen’s Union recently released a statement protesting against the Abe government’s plan to recruit civilian sailors as reserve members for the Japanese Self-Defence Forces, and it criticised the purpose of the plan, which is to mobilise civilian sailors to join wars led by the US. According to the statement, 60,609 Japanese civilian sailors were killed during World War II, amounting to 43 percent of total Japanese war casualties. The union was formed by civilian sailors two months after the war had ended, and members were proud of the slogan “we won’t become victims or participants again in war”.

Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Ha Kim Ngoc called for the promotion of working rights for people with disabilities at a session of the UN Human Rights Council. He stressed the importance of creating more employment opportunities and favourable working conditions, as well as building more infrastructure, public transport and legal frameworks for workers with disabilities. Disability Resource and Development and Hoa Sen University launched a smart phone application that was designed by disabled students and for disabled people, providing a special map to find disabled-friendly infrastructure in the community. The application encouraged people to be more involved in local social life. According to a 2009 survey, 7.8 percent of Vietnamese population have disabilities.

An Indian fireworks factory exploded in the country’s eastern state of West Bengal, killing two people and injuring another two. The factory exploded at night during the handling of combustible materials.

Hoang Binh Quan, Chairman of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s (CPV) Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, said that the Party would continue to strengthen ties with political parties in other countries. Under the cooperation between the CPV and the Liberation Front of Mozambique (Frelimo), 20 key officials of the Frelimo attended a three-month training course at Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics. The course introduced Vietnam’s ideology, politics and experience in building socialism. The Central Frelimo Party School also sent four specialists to the academy, exchanging teaching experiences and conducting scientific research.

China’s top political leaders attended the Fourth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing on March 3. The more than 2,000 members who attended served as advisors and were expected to offer proposals and insights to the government and the National People’s Congress on social, political and economic issues. The CPPCC offers a platform for people’s organisations, representatives from all ethnic groups and all working sectors of society, as well as other political parties, to participate in state affairs in a socialist democratic spirit.

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