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Issue #1731      May 18, 2016

CPA Function on Refugees calls for:

Implementation of the Geneva Convention

The inhuman treatment of refugees by capitalist governments, including the Australian government and those of the European Union States, and the illegal policy of “closed borders” was strongly condemned at a function by the Beloyiannis Branch of the Communist Party of Australia held at the Party headquarters on Sunday May 15, 2016.

A “Let Them Stay” rally earlier this year in Sydney. (Photo: Anna Pha)

The report to this successful function indicated that those countries closing their borders and preventing the entry to refugees are acting in violation of the Geneva Convention on refugees and the United Nations Charter which specify that the refugees have the right to choose the country where they wish to go and seek asylum and settle and that they are entitled to free access to the country of their choice. They also specify that refugees should be assisted and protected.

The report further pointed to the causes of the refugee problem, none other than the imperialist wars unleashed upon the people in the Middle East and North Africa such as Syria Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. It pointed out the serious responsibilities of the governments of Australia and the European Union countries for the loss of many thousands of refugees, children among them, at sea and the inhumane treatment of people in detention centres.

Relevant videos were shown about the dramatic deaths of refugees at Christmas Island and the Greek islands of the Aegean as well as a video about the humane treatment of refugees and the solidarity to them exhibited by ordinary Greek people.

The meeting adopted a unanimous resolution calling for:

“The immediate cessation of the imperialist war in Syria and elsewhere. Respect and implementation of the Geneva Convention as the basis for solving the current refugee problem. Under the auspices and the intervention of the UNO the refugees to be allowed to exercise their right of choosing the country of their settlement and to be given free access and transportation, by passenger boats or aircraft from the countries of their first entry like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. This is the only way to prevent people smuggling and the mass drowning of people on the high seas or at the shores of Australia, Greece or Turkey and thousands of them to be left rotting in off-shore detention centres or in a helpless situation in Greece.”

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