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Issue #1735      June 15, 2016

Call from Indonesia

PKI party member arrested and removed from his home

A couple of days ago a comrade and member of our party (Communist Party of Indonesia) was arrested and forcefully taken from his home after the neighbours saw him wearing a hammer and sickle t-shirt in his home.

This kind of harassment is a daily thing in Indonesia and we cannot deny this happening even the so-called Democratic change under the banner of Western democracy had not changed the current situation in Indonesia. Today the New order of Suharto has not fallen; it has stayed strong under the leadership of vice president Jusuf Kalla and Suharto’s son, Tommy Suharto who is the current leader of the Golkar party.

This message is to wake up the world that the 1965 genocide of our party and its members had never stopped. Our members and Chairman who reside in Europe are literally being hunted down. Even here in Europe we are not safe. Similar thing happened last September 2015 in the city of Breda. Our chairman Sujarno Malaka and Comrade Sungkawa, the secretary of finance of the PKI, were arrested while riding bicycles to buy groceries at the Albert Heijn, a Dutch super market.

They were suspected under a false pretence of an act of terrorism and were brought to the police station at Zeeland West-Brabant, at Mijkenbroek, Nederland.

They were held there for almost a week and told us they were even denied food for a few days by the Dutch police until they submitted to their false accusations.

It has been since 1998 when our chairman and other comrades fled Indonesia that the hunt for us and our members never stopped. This is a cry to the world and comrades to please see what is happening to us and not close your eyes to us.

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