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Issue #1744      August 17, 2016

Happy birthday Fidel!

The Communist Party of Australia sends a greeting of solidarity to Commander Fidel Castro on his 90th birthday.

Bob Briton, CPA General Secretary, doing the honours of cutting the ribbon at the opening of the Fidel bar at the Royal Park Doghouse Club in Adelaide, August 13.

Comrade Fidel was born in Biran, Holguin Cuba on August 13, 1926. This year in August is a special occasion being celebrated by people around the world; the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro. Australia is no exception with the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society in Perth, Western Australia organising an exhibition of photographs by Roberto Chile who accompanied Fidel for more than 25 years. The photographic exhibition named “Fidel is Fidel” has become a worldwide event and captures very special moments of Fidel Castro from 2005 to 2012.

Fidel is one of those human beings who have been able to transcend borders to become a universal figure. His futuristic vision in particular has helped many countries in Latin America and other parts of the world to develop their health and education systems. He has become an example to follow for many; a beacon of our time and posterity.

To reach 90 for anyone is amazing but Fidel has done so despite more than 600 attempts on his life by the enemies of progress who try to deny Cuba the right to self-determination in their struggle for freedom and the building of a socialist society.

Fidel has dedicated his entire life to the Cuban people and their socialist revolution. Since his early years of the Moncada to the Sierra Maestra guerrilla struggle, the US missile crisis and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, he has continued in the pursuit of a better world, to win the battle of ideas and to build socialism in Cuba.

His personal qualities as a revolutionary leader and his concept of solidarity and internationalism have made his name and that of Cuba respected the world over.

For that reason we join all those around the globe who were affected by the disaster of hurricanes such as Mitch, earthquakes, radiation sickness, illiteracy and poverty who admire and celebrate you. We thank you for all the doctors and educators who selflessly work where others simply can’t go. We join those who have been able to study medicine free of charge at the Latin America School of Medicine and those who have been able to see the light thanks to the Miracle Operation say happy birthday Fidel.

A big embrace from Australian communists and other good-hearted people down under.

* Vinnie Molina is CPA President

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