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Issue #1754      October 26, 2016

End of the US blockade on Cuba!

On Monday October 17, a number of activists from the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society gathered outside the US consulate in Perth demanding the end of the US blockade on Cuba.

Speakers at the rally told of the inhumane effects of the blockade on the people on Cuba.

Despite President Obama stating the US blockade on Cuba was a failed policy, the blockade remains intact and very small changes have been made. Even as recent as September 13 this year Obama followed nine previous US presidents and renewed the Trading with the Enemy Act for another year. This allows the continuation of full economic sanctions on Cuba. Cuba is in fact the only country this Act has been enacted upon.

The process to re-establish diplomatic relations between Cuban and the US began on December 17, 2014 with the release of the three remaining (Gerardo, Ramon and Antonio) of the internationally known Cuban Five. Rene and Fernando had already been released after fulfilled their long, unjust sentences. Embassies have been opened but the blockade, including fines imposed on third parties, such as the ANZ in Australia, have doubled since the previous administration. They now total $2.26 billion.

The human damage caused by this blockade is enormous and impossible to calculate but it is estimated the economic damages alone have exceeded $1 trillion.

Cuba has affirmed its willingness to move towards the normalisation of relations with the United States in a constructive spirit, but has been very clear it must be without any prejudice to Cuban independence or its right to decide its own affairs, that of the sovereignty of Cubans.

On Wednesday October 26, Cuba will introduce for the 25th time a resolution before the UN General Assembly on the need to end the inhumane economic and financial blockade on the island. In 2015, 191 countries, out of 193 voted in favour of lifting the blockade with only the United States and Israel voting for the blockade.

We join the world – including many US citizens – in demanding the end of the US blockade and the return of Guantanamo Bay to the people of Cuba.

President Obama can do more before he leaves office.

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