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Issue #1755      November 2, 2016


In solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

The Central committee of the Communist Party of Australia sends a message of solidarity to President Nicolas Maduro during these crucial times for the Bolivarian Revolution.

The well organised right wing attack perpetrated by the US, mainstream media and others on the extreme right aims to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution. We reject this interference in the internal affairs of the Venezuelan people and the legitimate government of President Nicolas Maduro.

In the words of President Maduro: “This is Simon Bolívar’s land, this land is sacred and cannot ever be touched by foreign and imperialist boots, and we must assure it with our own lives if necessary.”

This moment in time is of serious threat to Venezuelan national sovereignty and to the Bolivarian Revolution’s achievements. Those achievements have been significant; among them infant mortality down by 49%, life expectancy increased from 72.2% to 74.3%, child malnutrition reduced by 40%, the poverty rate decreased from 42.8% to 26.5% and minimum wages increased 32 times.

The Venezuelan opposition, aided by the US, is trying to incite violence among the people in an attempt to overthrow the government. A part of this is the attempt to collect signatures for a recall referendum. The Supreme Court has upheld the regional court decisions to suspend the collection drive after the fraudulent behaviour of the opposition was exposed.

The CPA stands in solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro in the fight against this referendum. We also stand in solidarity with his government who we know will remain in power. We will not sit in silence while imperialist forces incite violence and brutality to cause any regression in the continuous struggle for self-determination and freedom.

Bob Briton
General Secretary
Communist Party of Australia

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