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Issue #1759      November 30, 2016

Viva Fidel!

Message of condolence on the passing of Fidel Castro

The Communist Party of Australia expresses its heart-felt condolences to the family, the Communist Party of Cuba and to the people of Cuba on the passing of the father of their revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

While Fidel was identified with the revolutionary transformation of his country from a backwater and semi-colony of the US into an outstanding example of socialist construction, his legacy belongs to the world.

The volume of tributes made since his death on Friday night demonstrates the influence he had on generations of people all over the world who keep struggling for a better, socialist world.

The list of the achievements of the revolution inspired and guided by Fidel is very long. It touches millions around the world in the form of medical aid, literacy campaigns and other assistance. It played a crucial role in the defeat of Apartheid and the end of colonialism in Africa. This mighty effort has been maintained despite the illegal economic blockade imposed on Cuba by the US and its imperialist allies. Our region benefited massively from this generous outpouring of practical internationalism. In Australia, Aboriginal communities have embraced assistance in the form of the Yi Si Puedo (Yes I Can) adult literacy program.

The personal commitment of Fidel to his dream of a socialist Cuba and a socialist world is an example to all Communists. It was sometimes possible to forget that he was a simple human being with a family. His wife, Dalia, was a mighty support to this man of destiny whose entire adult life was sacrificed to the cause of the poor and oppressed of the world.

His energy, patience and judgement endured to the very end of his life and his absence will be felt by all progressive people. All over the world, Communists and other progressive people are united in loss and in their understanding of Fidel’s great contribution to the struggle for a better world.

It is the wish of the Communist Party of Australia that this unity can be extended to the many struggles ahead as the workers and other exploited people of the world fight back against capitalism and imperialism, the enemies of humanity. This is the way we can give life to his inspiration. This is the way we will honour the memory of Fidel Castro Ruz.

Viva Fidel!

Viva Cuba!

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