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Issue #1764      February 8, 2017


The “Kill ’em all” doctrine

In 2002, Professor Martin Van Creveld, a Zionist military historian expressed in words the policy that the Israeli army put into practice during its destruction and dispossession of Palestinians. The Professor argued that the Israeli army would have to kill tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians in order “to restore the balance of deterrence between us and them”.

Asked if he was in favour of bombarding Palestinian cities and causing thousands of deaths among civilians, Creveld answered: “Yes, as much as is needed in order that there will not be a need to repeat it, so that they won’t tail us during the time of the withdrawal. We have to strike so hard that there won’t be a need for a second strike. Perhaps 5,000 or 10,000 killed won’t be enough and then we will have to kill more.”

He said that the mass killing would have to be done so quickly and so strongly that before “the world understood what was happening the matter would be over”.

“What is involved is a massive crime, but whoever isn’t willing to commit crimes in order to save his country shouldn’t engage in statesmanship, it is better that there be one massive crime after which we will exist and lock the gate behind us.”

Here we have not just the preferred policy of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu but the policy and ideology of a dying capitalist system.

The leaders and governments of the leading capitalist countries have no answer to the world’s problems, except to use force to impose their policy aims and the slaughter of tens of thousands of people who oppose their inhumane policies and refuse to submit.

Capitalism is incapable of finding a solution to poverty and unemployment. It has no policy by which different nations with a variety of social systems, ideologies, national groups and religions can live together in one world.

Refusing to accept the solution embodied in the resolutions of the United Nations, the Israelis opt for war and the mass murder of Palestinians and the imprisonment of thousands more. They bulldoze homes, they destroy the infrastructure required by any modern community – food, water and medical supplies, housing, schools, hospitals.

The situation is pitched as “between us and them” reflecting the racist attitude of the capitalist world. Having carried out the recommended mass killing, the Israelis would “lock the gate behind us”. The Israeli army is now overseeing the mass uprooting and dispossession of those Palestinians who remain in occupied territories.

Contradictions abound

Donald Trump’s recent provocation – suddenly issuing an order banning the admission into the United States of refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries – created chaos and fury that had to be expected.

Airports across the world were engulfed with demonstrators. Judges issued emergency orders staying enforcement of parts of the order.

Families found their children studying abroad unable to return home, or their loved ones attending a funeral stranded in an airport.

Translators who had risked their lives for US soldiers in Iraq suddenly found their green cards useless and their lives at great risk. Both intelligence professionals and State Department diplomats have protested against the order.

Trump clearly revels in this chaos. He proves that he will fulfil his campaign promises, despite opposition. He shows that he’s getting things done. He postures strong on securing US citizens against foreign terrorists. He defines his opponents as bleeding heart liberals, more concerned about rights than security, more internationalist than nationalist.

He views this all as a “win”.

Trump has also mocked his own argument that US allies should bear a fair share of the defence burden: he has made it clear the US will not do its part in offering refuge to the displaced, now more than 65 million, globalisation made flesh – many of them driven from their homes by wars that the US and its allies started or have continued.

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