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Issue #1790      August 16, 2017


Hands off DPRK and Venezuela!

The Communist Party of Australia shares the sense of outrage felt by the people of the world about the recent statements and actions of the Trump administration directed at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Trump’s threats, particularly those directed towards the DPRK, carry the great danger of an escalating nuclear conflagration that could lead to the destruction of all life on earth. To this madness, the people must respond with a clear and unequivocal “No!”.

In the decades since the ceasefire declared in the Korean War, spokespersons for the US military industrial complex have backed up acts of extreme provocation against the DPRK including annual military exercises preparing for the invasion of that sovereign state. They have threatened to “turn North Korea into a carpark”. Trump is now claiming a preparedness to bring down “fire and fury” indiscriminately on the 25 million citizens of the DPRK. Meanwhile, the corporate media has sought to portray the leadership of the DPRK as “mad”. People are starting to make their own judgement on exactly which is the rogue state in international relations.

In Venezuela, the US President is refusing to rule out the “military option” in dealing with the troubled Latin American country. A US-directed campaign of sabotage and terrorism against the Bolivarian Revolution has caused the very difficult circumstances endured by the people of Venezuela. The outcome of the vote for the country’s Constituent Assembly, demonstrating support for the Bolivarian Revolution, has led to the morally indefensible threat of invasion by the US. A campaign of misrepresentation of the causes of the economic and other difficulties faced by the government has led some, normally on the progressive side of Australian politics, to blame the Venezuelan government for the situation.

Nobody should be fooled by Trump’s claim that his actions are guided by concerns that the “people are suffering”. People are suffering hardship because of the meddling of successive US administrations. If the US were concerned about human suffering, there are many far more deserving recipients of “assistance” from the US than Venezuela. The truth is very different. Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world and the example of the Bolivarian Revolution to the rest of Latin America and the world was never going to go unchallenged by even the most extreme means. Now the option of invasion and a massive loss of life is on the table.

In response to the recklessness of Trump, the government of Malcolm Turnbull says it is going to “stand shoulder to shoulder with the US” and is “joined at the hip” to its global military ambitions. Australians must stand in solidarity with the DPRK and Venezuela. The peace movement must be re-invigorated to meet the grave threat to the security of the people of the world with a mass mobilisation. In this most vital of all struggles, the Communist Party of Australia pledges to continue to play its part.

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