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Issue #1813      March 7, 2018

Winter Olympics thaw

IPAN calls on the Australian Foreign Minister to publicly support the ROK and DROK engaging in joint talks to end the crisis.

Speaking on behalf of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, Dr Alison Broinowski, welcomed the more positive atmosphere between South and North Korea following the joint participation by athletes from both countries in the Winter Olympics.

“Direct talks between the leaders of South and North Korea provides the only hope to counteract the perils of the current stand-off over the North’s nuclear weapons development.

“This initiative creates an opportunity to calm relations between South and North, and to set the stage for a resumption of the Six-Party negotiations involving both Koreas, Japan, USA, China and Russia. It also restores to the South a direct role in working towards peace in the Korean peninsula”.

IPAN asks the Australian government to support these moves and to add its weight to a resumption of the negotiation process.

“The Australian government has the opportunity to remind its ally the USA, that Australians want to see a peaceful resolution to the conflict over nuclear weapons development, leading to a comprehensive outcome that takes into account the concerns of all involved,” said Dr Broinowski.

“Australia should make it clear that it will not be part of aggressive moves by the USA or the UN Security Council to impose further sanctions on North Korea. It would also help if the planned military exercises in the region by the USA and allies were suspended and Australia should take no part in such exercises. Otherwise the opening created between South and North Korea will be lost”.

IPAN believes that a war to force North Korea to denuclearise its defences would be disastrous for the region and the world. All efforts should be focused on diplomacy and dialogue and reducing tensions in the region.

“It makes no sense to start a war, which the US is talking up, which could turn into a nuclear exchange, to ostensibly prevent one party achieving nuclear capability,” said Dr Broinowski.

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