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Issue #1826      June 13, 2018


On corporate globalisation

Corporate globalisation is a socio-economic offensive to impose free trade deals and other corporate schemes on all national economies, forcing some to integrate into one imperialist cartel or another, while excluding others to the very margins of the global economy. It is an unprecedented attack on workers’ rights and living conditions through privatisation, the destruction of public programs and services, legislative attacks, and state repression.

At its spearhead is the military-strategic offensive of US imperialism and its allies to crush resistance and impose its global domination.

The process of globalisation itself intensifies these tendencies of war and aggression. This comes precisely because of the fact that in its efforts towards the economic re-colonisation of the third world, globalisation has led to an intensification of economic exploitation on a world scale.

Inherent in this is the sharp widening of inequalities, both between the developing countries and the developed countries and between the rich and poor in all countries, leading to large-scale depravation and want. The contradiction of the capitalist system seen in this large-scale impoverishment of a majority of the world’s people means the reduction of their capacity to be the consumers of the products that this globalised economy produces.

So, in Australia we have the Turnbull government cherry-picking economic statistics and mouthing of “jobs and growth” while supporting the corporate push for cutting wages. including the minimum wage and the penalty rates of shift workers.

The US and its allies do not have the capacity to control the world: They can, however, destroy it.

The US doctrine of unending war also has its domestic expression – to take back every gain won by the working class and people over the past century. It entails a massive shift in wealth to the rich and a new concentration of monopoly power, including greater concentration of the corporate mass media.

Australian workers are feeling the effects of these processes, as are the workers of every other capitalist country. Although each country will have its specific experiences and situation, the underlying processes are common to us all.

The global financial network is a constantly changing maze of currency transactions, global securities, euro-yen swaps and an ever-more innovative array of speculative devises for repackaging and reselling money.

This network is much closer to a chain of gambling casinos than to the dull, grey banks of the past. Twenty-four hours a day, trillions of dollars flow through the world’s foreign exchange markets. No more than ten percent of this staggering sum has anything to do with trade in goods and services.

A common development is the rise of working class and community movements against these policies and their effects. There are strikes and demonstrations against the attacks on trade union and workers’ rights, for wage increases, for shorter hours, for collective bargaining rights, for health and safety on the job, against privatisation, against cuts in services, in defence of democratic rights, for women’s rights, for national independence and sovereignty, for preservation of the environment.

Of the utmost importance is the strengthening of cooperation and solidarity among people, workers, communist and progressive forces of the world.

In a world more and more divided by the social, economic, political and military barriers of corporate globalisation it is crucial to develop friendships and forge new alliances based on common cause, and relations of friendship and solidarity.

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