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Issue #1851      December 5, 2018

Climate change is class warfare

At the end of November school children will be going on strike to demand that, because their future and that of their children is threatened by catastrophic changes to the world in which they live, governments all over the world must actually begin to take drastic action now to halt the inevitable. What history tells us is that, unless they take their future into their own hands and seek to overthrow the current system responsible for this catastrophe, nothing much will change.

They will discover they are fighting a system of capital that is far more interested in making money than it is in their future and that this is a system which working class people have been fighting for a very long time. Today we are trying to achieve change politically through the electoral system, but find that the institutions of capitalism, which are responsible for our present situation, are only interested in economics: the markets and what resources they can get their hands on.

Hence the brutal wars which have been, and are still being waged around the world. In Australia, we have a two-party system represented by the Liberals – aided and abetted by the National Party – doing the bidding of big business. Labor, currently in opposition, promises to introduce legislation which will, at best, simply postpone the inevitable catastrophe, because they too are controlled by big business: our whole political system operates solely at the will of big business.

The issue of climate change has become an issue of class warfare. The ordinary people recognise the danger of continuing along the same path and want to change the system that has created it. But the capitalists’ power is in their control of the ownership of the means of production, i.e. the mines and factories. The economic power they wield is quite separate from the power of the state and they can, therefore, make or break world economies.

It is this threat that makes minnows of our politicians. So four or five mammoth corporations with interests in fossil fuel are, in fact, in control of our future.

It is obvious that throughout history the rich and powerful – the capitalist class – were always willing to destroy democracy. Any workers’ uprisings were cruelly and violently put down. As we can see here in Australia, democratically elected governments are destroyed when the interests of the elite are threatened. We only have to look at how Gough Whitlam was treated and how Murdoch’s poison has been used against any government that doesn’t conform to the interests of the ruling class.

So, back to these innocent, enlightened young people who, globally, will leave their classes on November 30. What do they hope to achieve? Will they, like so many working class people who currently face unfair work laws, reduced wages, longer hours and increasing inequality, knuckle down to face an increasingly uncertain future, or will they seriously begin to fight the system?

What if these children were to begin to fight the system literally by taking up arms and demanding justice? We would see bloodshed.

History again confirms this. One only needs to know how uprisings in the past were dealt with by those in power: there were many before the successful 1917 Russian Revolution for which many paid with their lives. Then they were fighting for a fairer society, now we are fighting for the future of the planet and it looks as though it will have to be a fight as that will be the only way to stop the damage being done by big business.

It will be painful, not only physically, but also economically, but unless we start now to reorganise our society and introduce at least a modicum of democracy, it will be too late.

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