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Current Issue of The Guardian

August 24, 2016 - click here for index of articles.

Capitalism – Killing jobs and the environment

When the new Parliament begins its first sitting this month, the Turnbull government intends hitting the ground running with massive cuts to spending on renewable energy and social security. Public sector sackings will continue with public services deteriorating further. Medicare is still in its sights.  more ...


Editorial – Long Tan – misdirected indignation

The media worked the news story into a lather. The Vietnamese government had withdrawn permission for Australian vets to conduct a ceremony at the memorial featuring the familiar white cross at Long Tan, east of Ho Chi Minh City. “‘Kick in the guts’ as Vietnam bans service”, as the Sydney Morning Herald expressed it. It appeared the Vietnamese government, for no clear reason at all, had decided to disrupt the plans of Australian veterans and their families to mark the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. Bastardry on the part of the Communist government was suspected.  more ...

NT Juvenile Justice Royal Commission – Protests nationwide

Thousands of people took to the streets late last month to protest against the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in detention.  more ...

Close the justice gap – 2nd Anniversary of death of Dhu

On August 4, at lunchtime outside the Central Law Courts in Perth, more than 50 protesters gathered to remember Ms Dhu, who died in custody at the police lockup exactly two years ago in South Hedland in the states north west.  more ...

Hiroshima – A crime against humanity

When Paul Tibbets was 13 years old he flew a bi-plane over Florida’s Miami Beach dropping a promotional cargo of Babe Ruth Candy Bars directly on to the promotional target area, in an advertising stunt. It was his first solo flight and: “From that moment he became hooked on flying.”  more ...

Fidel Castro, an inspiration for all!

Last Friday August 19, the photographic exhibition Fidel is Fidel was officially opened by Cuban Consul to Australia, HE Jorge Trujillo. The photographs by Cuban photographer Roberto Chile, taken over the 25 years he followed Fidel, have been exhibited in several cities around the world in celebration of Fidel’s 90th birthday. Proudly the Fidel is Fidel exhibition was presented in Perth WA by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS).  more ...

Culture & Life – Lies, damned lies and propaganda

I know it will probably shock you, gentle reader, but the sorry truth is that capitalist governments lie. They lie to the public and when they find it advisable they lie to the legislature. I’m truly sorry if I have shattered your illusions, but I think you have a right to know the truth.  more ...

Quote of the Week

[The workers] were the nation, the actual Nation; they were about all of it that was useful or worth saving, or really respect-worthy, and to subtract them would have been to subtract the Nation and leave behind some dregs, some refuse, in the shape of a king, nobility and gentry, idle, unproductive, acquainted mainly with the arts of wasting and destroying, and of no sort of use or value in any rationally constructed world.

Mark Twain
Connecticut Yankee

This web page was last updated: Thursday, August 25, 2016

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