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Current Issue of The Guardian

May 18, 2016 - click here for index of articles.

Deep social cuts and … $1 trillion for the military

The media called it a bland budget. Big business is extremely disappointed with the budget and the Coalition’s record. As far as it is concerned the Coalition have had almost three years to carry out a major overhaul of the role of government and how it raises income and spending priorities. The Coalition has failed dismally in the eyes of many members of the Business Council of Australia.  more ...


Editorial – Coup in Brazil

Ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has called on Brazilians to defend their country’s democracy and mobilise against the coup that saw her suspended from office. The drive by counter-revolutionary forces to roll back hard won gains by the people of Central and South America, in particular targeting Brazil and Venezuela, is being met by growing resistance on the streets.  more ...

CPA Function on Refugees

The inhuman treatment of refugees by capitalist governments, including the Australian government and those of the European Union States, and the illegal policy of “closed borders” was strongly condemned at a function by the Beloyiannis Branch of the Communist Party of Australia held at the Party headquarters on Sunday May 15, 2016.  more ...

“Close Manus prison now”

Protests began inside the Manus detention centre – at Mike and Fox Compounds – in Delta and Oscar Compounds on May 13. In Delta, the banner reads: ”Trafficked illegally here. Close Manus prison now.”  more ...

Community control for Aboriginal housing

Two Indigenous organisations, Aboriginal Housing Northern Territory (AHNT) and Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT (APONT) are urging radical reform of the NT’s public housing system.  more ...

Solidarity with Chile’s fishermen

On April 29, the city of Chiloé in Chile faced the country’s worst environmental crisis of recent years. The red tide is not only an economic disaster for the region but a health, environmental and social disaster for the nation as 80 percent of the population of Chiloé relies on the sea for income.  more ...

Who’s to blame for Europe’s refugee “problem”?

BERLIN: Back in 1963, Bob Dylan wrote a bitter song; Pete Seeger also sang it often. It asks, after the death of a young boxer: “Who killed Davey Moore? Why an’ what’s the reason for?” Then came the alibis of all those responsible, from the manager and media to the boxing crowds: “Not I ... Don’t point your finger at me.” Europe today, though not dead, is in deep disarray, heart-rendingly for very many and menacingly for the world. Here, too, one might inquire: How come? Who is to blame?  more ...

Role whitewashing

There are plenty of Hollywood movies causing a stir right now with eager fans looking forward to all the upcoming releases. But some films are making the news not because of their fans’ anticipation; rather, it is the anger and frustration of moviegoers over casting choices that’s garnering headlines. The live action adaptations of the popular anime Ghost in the Shell and the comic book Doctor Strange are at the centre of a controversy over race and casting decisions.  more ...

Victory Day – Millions unite in memory

Millions of people took part in marches of the “Immortal Regiment”, which took place on May 9 all across Russia, as well as in quite a few other countries. In Russia, as many as 16 million people in total took part in the event.  more ...

Culture & Life – Climate change

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world. It is the largest coral ecosystem on Earth. The tourists it draws to Queensland bring in $5 billion annually and account for close to 70,000 jobs. Climate change, however, if it is not prevented, threatens to destroy all this.  more ...

Pete’s Corner

Over 10 years worth of sharp humour from The Guardian’s very own cartoonist Pete Andrew can be accessed from the main menu – or just click here.


Half A Century of Pain

50 Years of Agent Orange Disaster in Vietnam

A selection of images from the book Half a Century of Pain – 50 Years of Agent Orange Disaster in Vietnam – 1961-2011, published by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  more ...

Maritime Bulletins and leaflets from the CPA Maritime Branch

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