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Current Issue of The Guardian

December 14, 2016 - click here for index of articles.

This is the last edtion of the Guardian for 2016.
The first for 2017 will be on January 25.

CPA New Year’s greeting

The Communist Party of Australia wishes comrades and friends a joyful holiday season and the very best in their struggles in the New Year. 2016 has been a challenging year. It ended with the passing of a towering figure in the history of our movement – Fidel Castro. It has also finished with some very troubling developments. The election of reactionary billionaire Donald Trump as president of the US raises additional concerns about peace in our region and the world. At home, the passage of the ABCC Bill warns us that 2017 will be a year of tense battles to defend workers’ rights from an emboldened class enemy. All around it would appear the capitalist agenda for these times of deepening crisis is advancing.   more ...

Stand with the land

For more than two years, Yawuru man Micklo Corpus has monitored the comings and goings of work crews at a remote gas exploration site called Yulleroo on the outskirts of Roebuck Plains in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.   more ...


Editorial – The fight to come

The Australian Building and Construction Commission and Registered Organisations Acts are only the first steps in the Coalition government’s union-busting agenda. Employment Minister Michaelia Cash told employers at a recent conference of mining executives that the government was committed to implementing the recommendations of the Heydon Royal Commission and Productivity Commission’s (PC) review of the industrial relations system.  more ...

Dumping coal first step – An open letter to Malcolm Turnbull

Dear Prime Minister,
Australia has a major role to play in meeting the challenge of climate change, which is threatening life on earth. As you are aware, the generation of electrical energy in Australia and around the world still depends largely on combustion of coal or natural gas, which results in the emission of carbon dioxide and other carbon gases that are prime contributors to climate change.  more ...

Les Purkis: 1925 - 2016

Long-time Party member, trade union and community activist Les Purkis passed away recently after a long battle with illness. Much could be said and written about his contribution to the well-being and future happiness of the working class and other battlers in society. In 2007, he made the following summary of his life in the struggle for a book, Movers and Shakers, compiled by friend and fellow activist, Jim Doulgas. Comrades will recognise and remember the no-nonsense style and commitment of Les. There are also words from his late wife, Connie, and the book’s author. The Communist Party of Australia passes on its deepest condolences to his family and friends.  more ...

Taking Issue – Inherent danger

When the leaders of the Democratic Party in the USA first considered their options for a candidate to succeed Barack Obama as President, they initially thought the matter was a “no brainer”: Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in. After all, she was the existing Secretary Of State, and in that capacity had not baulked at kicking heads (or fomenting wars and assassinations) when foreign governments failed to see the wisdom of doing as the US told them.  more ...

The Cuban Revolution – Landmark in history of humanity

Today, November 25, 2016 Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution has passed. His legacy will live forever. The Cuban Revolution constitutes a fundamental landmark in the history of humanity, which challenges the legitimacy of global capitalism.  more ...

Summer reading & gift ideas – The editor’s selection

Looking for some gift ideas or just thinking about catching up with some reading when the Guardian takes a break? Then why not shop where your money counts, rather than line the coffers of the multinationals! The Communist Party of Australia has a range of T-shirts and books, including Marxist-Leninist classics, and lighter reading of interest.  more ...

Culture & Life – Book Review – Living fantasies

Literary Wonderlands, subtitled a journey through the greatest fictional worlds ever created, is edited by Laura Miller and published by Hardie Grant Books. Its 300-plus pages encompass a concise survey of fantasy literature from all over the world. A book about fantasy may seem an unusual – even frivolous – choice for a Communist newspaper to review. And yet fantasy has been the chosen medium for many social commentators over the years.  more ...

Quote of the Week

One of the great tasks facing the revolution is that of breaking out of the encirclement of deceit which has made all of us live with our faces turned away from reality.

President Velasco Alvarado (Peruvian President)

This web page was last updated: Saturday, January 21, 2017

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