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Half A Century of Pain

A selection of images from the book Half a Century of Pain – 50 Years of Agent Orange Disaster in Vietnam – 1961-2011, published by the Ministry of Information and Communication of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  more ...

Current Issue of The Guardian

February 25, 2015 - click here for index of articles.

Trade agreements full of poison berries

By Friday last week, the number of reported cases of Hepatitis A from tainted imported berries had reached 14, with the distinct possibility of more to come. The finger was quickly pointed at China and debate raged around questions of labelling and whether or not to test imports for bacteria and viruses. Trade Minister Barnaby Joyce joined the fray, batting for his rural National Party constituency with commitments to make changes in the labelling laws and encouraging people to buy Australian produce.  more ...

Editorial – The age pension, the family home and “fairness”

The corporate media is full of figures, forecasts and mock outrage about payments being made to supposedly undeserving recipients of the age pension. It is claimed multi-millionaires are walking out of Centrelink offices with part pensions and people with expensive homes on the esplanade are living it up on full pensions. Meanwhile, taxpayers struggle to make ends meet. With the economy going to hell and the federal budget deficit forecast to reach $40 billion, retired Australians have become the latest of the Abbott government’s “enemies within”.  more ...

Coalition’s climate policy betrays future generations

The Abbott government continues to oppose any initiative that might threaten industries based on coal, gas or other fossil fuels. But other conservative regimes are doing just the opposite. Renewable energy sources currently comprise approximately 20 percent of Britain’s power output; wind farms alone producing eight percent.  more ...

Manus Island message to people of Australia

The Refugee Action Coalition has received the message below signed by hundreds of asylum seekers in Delta and Fox compounds on Manus Island.  more ...

Statement of the 32nd Solidarity Brigade from Australia and New Zealand

The economic blockade of Cuba was imposed by the USA in 1962. The brigade ran from December 28, 2014 to January 20, 2015 participating in an extensive program of events and activities organised by the Cuban Institute of Friendship (ICAP).  more ...

Freedom, Charlie Hebdo and class struggle

The “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) slogan sign initially appeared in Twitter with white fonts in a black background. It was created by French artist and journalist Joachim Roncin. The sign was quickly spread over the internet, and then it was adopted by protesters who marched on the streets, expressing their anger at the terrorist attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in Paris that killed 12 people and wounded 11 including editor, cartoonist and policeman.  more ...

Culture & Life – Why the hammer and sickle?

A young woman recently arrived from the USA asked us the other day, why do you use the hammer and sickle emblem? It’s a very valid question. The ruling class, the spokespeople for the big corporations, have invested an enormous amount of money and manpower in denigrating the hammer and sickle, in trying to invest it with the same connotations as Hitler’s swastika.  more ...

Pete's Corner

Over 10 years worth of sharp humour from The Guardian's very own cartoonist Pete Andrew can be accessed from the main menu – or just click here.


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