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Current Issue of The Guardian

October 19, 2016 - click here for index of articles.

Timor oil and gas – Sea of greed

Last month the Permanent Court of Arbitration rejected Australia’s claim it had no jurisdiction to conciliate the dispute in the Timor Sea. This means Australia must come to the table and negotiate with East Timor.  more ...


Editorial – The way forward

Every moment of thought since October 1917, however remote from the event it might appear, has reflected the problems raised by the Russian Revolution.  more ...

“Trickle-up” economics

Just four weeks ago the Labor Party lined up with the Coalition to vote for the Omnibus bill, with $5 billion in cuts over four years to social security and action on clean energy in the name of “budget repair”. Then last week, Labor again cooperated with the Turnbull government to support $4 billion over four years in tax cuts for the wealthy.  more ...

1965 Indonesia bloodbath – A US/Australian coup

In a 1965 fascist coup in Indonesia led by army generals including Major General Suharto (who became president), the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), third largest in the world, was virtually wiped out.  more ...

Fed up with “no respect”

During a two-day on-country meeting at Yule River last month, more than 350 Aboriginal traditional owners, Elders and community members passed a resolution of no confidence in Western Australia’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister Peter Collier.  more ...

Tudeh: 75 years for Iran’s fighting working class

On the 75th anniversary of the Tudeh Party, Navid Shomali, international sec­retary of the Tudeh Party of Iran, spoke to Mohammad Omidvar, about the Party and Iran’s current regime and the working class struggle there.  more ...

The poisoning of Britain’s media

In recent years, Rupert Murdoch and his media empire have become synonymous with the worst aspects of the industry. Everyone now knows about the phone-hacking scandal, the smearing of football fans and their families during the Hillsborough disaster, the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and the constant barrage of Islamophobia and sexism.  more ...

Culture & Life – “Doctors not missionaries”

I see that, in Poland, the reality of what the overthrow of Socialism really means is finally beginning to sink in. About time, I hear you say? Well, yes, but remember the unfortunate history of the country, wedged between – and until WW1, actually divided between – Tsarist Russia, an expansionist Prussia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The justly-named Great War put an end to all three of those empires.  more ...

Quote of the Week

Finally, there came a time when everything that men had considered as inalienable became an object of exchange, of traffic and could be alienated. This is the time when the very things which till then had been communicated, but never exchanged; given, but never sold; acquired, but never bought – virtue, love, conviction, knowledge, conscience, etc., when everything in short, passed into commerce. It is the time of general corruption of universal vendity, or to speak in terms of political economy, the time when everything, moral or physical, having become a marketable value, is brought to the market to be assessed at its lowest value.

Karl Marx – Poverty of Philosophy

This web page was last updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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