No: 2

Winter 2001

How RED are you?

Ever wondered what communism was all about? Ever been worried that deep-down you might be one? Here at last, we have one simple quiz that will ascertain how RED you really are!

Simply answer TRUE or FALSE to the questions and score yourself below.

1. The banks are going to make $10 billion profit this year. So when they say: "we can't afford to give cheap accounts to poor people", I know they're lying. TRUE / FALSE

2. If I'm 17 and I'm doing the same job as a 21 year-old, I deserve to be paid the same wages. TRUE / FALSE

3. "Work for the dole" is not designed to help people find jobs. It is designed to punish them for being unemployed. TRUE / FALSE

4. Twelve years ago, university degrees were completely free, so I shouldn't have to pay $16,000 for one now. TRUE / FALSE

5. The "mandatory sentencing" legislation in West Australia and the Northern Territory is specifically designed to put black people in jail. TRUE / FALSE

6. When I go to the dentist, I should be able to bulk-bill it on my Medicare card. TRUE / FALSE

7. When the Government privatised Telstra, it sacked tens of thousands of people. Then, hundreds of thousands of "mums and dads" lost money when the share price dropped. Privatisation was a really bad move. TRUE / FALSE

8. Having American military satellite bases in Australia makes me very nervous. TRUE / FALSE

9. Nike pays its workers 17 cents an hour, and charges me $200 for a pair of sneakers. We are both being ripped off badly. TRUE / FALSE

10. Locking up refugees behind razor wire in the middle of the desert is cruel and inhuman I don't blame them for protesting. TRUE / FALSE

11. If the owner of the company I work for lives in a million dollar mansion, but my fortnightly wage only lasts me one week, there is something wrong with the system. TRUE / FALSE

12. If a union negotiates with my boss for a pay rise, I will probably get more money than if I had to do it myself. TRUE / FALSE

13. Me, my parents, my grandparents, and my dog are all worse off under the GST. TRUE / FALSE

14. If George Bush Jnr abandons the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, there will be a lot more ballistic missiles. TRUE / FALSE

15. John Howard is a bastard, and the quicker he goes, the better. TRUE / FALSE

To score: Add up how many time you answered "TRUE" and check your RED rating below.

1-5 TRUE. Either you own a million-dollar mansion, or are a relative of John Howard's. Perhaps both? You're living in a dream world open your eyes and get with the program.

6-10 TRUE. You're on your way, but obviously still need some convincing. The easiest way to get a political education is to catch "The Awful Truth" on SBS TV, Tuesday nights at 8pm. Watch this show and laugh at capitalism (and America) in all its ugly glory.

Then, to learn the awful truth about Australia, read The Guardian available online on this site or subscribe to get a paper version delivered.

11-15 TRUE. Congratulations! You believe in equality, peace, and social justice. Grab your copy of The Communist Manifesto, put on your Che T-shirt and join the revolution!

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