No: 4

Winter 2003

(under Capitalism)

freedom is a choice of 10 types of bottled water, yet having no clean rivers.

freedom is a brand new car with free cd player, free airbags and free air conditioning, yet choking on the air outside when you have to walk.

freedom is choosing who will make political decisions, yet not choosing what those decisions are.

freedom is being allowed to protest, yet having the protest ignored.

freedom is a credit card because we can't really afford what we buy.

freedom is being able to drink alcohol, wishing we had the bodies and the looks that we are told we are supposed to have.

freedom is being able to take a panadol to ease the pain, because the world won't slow down for us.

freedom is an instant meal done in two minutes, yet suffering the impact of artificial ingredients for a lifetime.

freedom is dressing how you like, yet having to comply to a strict dress code if you want to keep your job or enter that club.

freedom is a home loan, while the banks profits are in the billions.

freedom is a throw-away cup, freedom is a throw-away eco-system, freedom is the ultimate convenience while the earth dies fast, freedom is not caring about the consequences of your actions.

freedom is a value system of apathy and waste.

freedom is an illusion that we are made to believe.

freedom is a lie.

i don't believe any of it.

freedom will bring death to this planet, yet I don't want to die;

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