No: 4

Winter 2003

Hands off Medicare!

The Federal Government is about to destroy Medicare in the interests of the private health industry's profits. Howard's changes will shift the cost of health care onto individual families, depriving most Australians of the free access to health care that is our democratic right, especially in a resource-rich, wealthy economy such as ours.

Most Australians want the universal health care system and bulk billing to remain. We oppose the attack on bulk billing and call on all Australians to join the fight to save Medicare for the good health of all.

The Government, private health industry and drug companies want a two tier (one level of care for the wealthy, another lower level for the rest of us) health system to maximise the profits of the corporations and free Government of responsibility for health.

The Government is abandoning its role as a public service provider. It is destroying Australia's public sector and replacing it with a dog-eat-dog, everyone for themselves society.

The Communist Youth of Australia want 'people first' policies

* MAINTAIN BULK-BILLING for everyone and no co-payment.

* RETURN THE $3.6 BILLION currently used to prop up the private health insurance industry to support the public Medicare system.

* PAY GPs MORE to ensure their support of bulk billing.

* PROVIDE A NATIONAL DENTAL SERVICE under Medicare with free basic dental care for all.

* NO INCREASE in the price of prescriptions for young workers and students with Health Care Cards

* CONTROL PRICES charged by drug companies and to provide additional support to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Just a ten percent cut in the $37 million a day that Australia currently spends on the military would fund all our public health needs.

What you can do:

a.. Write to an ALP Senator in your state explaining how necessary Medicare is for you and calling on the ALP to block Howard's changes to the Medicare system. (Addresses of ALP Senators can be found at and selecting "MPs Senate".)

b.. Check online for petitions, form letters and other materials for yourself and your friends to sign; run a street stall with the petition; write to your local paper.

c.. Get your student council, union or community to adopt a resolution to retain Medicare and join the campaign.

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